Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - general tips

In order to make you survive a little easier, you can find below some tips that you should heed on the battlefield, if you value your lives.

Households with health and armor
Depending on what difficulty you chase Blazkowicz through world history, his adversaries are sometimes weaker and sometimes crisp. Because you never know what to expect next, or whether it might even take this route again in attack (Wolfenstein is happy times on backtracking) it is advisable to not necessarily take every scrap of health or armor with you. Quick it may happen that you commit a stupid mistake and suddenly stand almost without energy. If you previously, however a few reserves have left over, you can not insert a short detour and refuel.

Use cover system
Wolfenstein is one of the (too) few shooters that provide a continuously variable coverage system. With L1 / LB you can at any time in any direction peeking from behind cover and only so far as you expose the trajectory of the enemy, as absolutely necessary. Makes it absolutely ample use! Especially on the higher difficulty levels this mechanism is essential because their fast with the face is otherwise down.

Expand and reap the benefits
Another trick of the Shooters is the so-called benefits that work like perks. These rewards basically for the onset of certain weapons or abilities. Do you have an action a prescribed number used (killed about from cover or killed in Akimbo style), you get this very useful rewards. Shipyard therefore regularly a glance at the menu to know at all times what benefits can still secure.

Throw back grenades
Your enemies are not necessarily the most stupid, that can be encountered in video games. Especially nasty is their individuality, often throwing grenades targeted to lure you out of cover. Get used therefore to quickly throw back grenades when they land right in front of you. But beware: This requires good timing and good judgment! About one second too late, it is right in the center of the explosion and so get maximum damage. Sometimes, therefore, it may be wiser to prefer to take flight - inasmuch as you thus do not run into a fire. Here you have to always weigh rapidly.

Use different weapons
Old Blood already focused as the main game seeing you a small, but versatile weapon selection instead of a huge pile of interchangeable blunderbuss. Each gun has its own advantages and disadvantages, thus including situations Dennen is particularly (un) suitable. Therefore, changes depending on the situation, the weapon to always get the maximum. A nice side effect: Your turn faster free new benefits.

Use Akimbo system targeted
It looks pigs cool, no doubt, but not always is the Akimbo weapons pose the best possible way to face your enemies. Although you have characterized the maximum firepower, but can only aim from the hip, which is extremely inaccurate, and consumed in extreme cases, twice as much ammunition. Set the Akimbo style only one reason, if you have to do it in a confined space with many enemies.

Sneak - Shooting
In many places you can consciously choose how you want to proceed. Of course it is tempting to make an on Rambo and with drawn guns to mow by the Nazis. Often however, it is more advisable to try it once with quieter means. This saves a lot of ammunition. In addition, still your shooters can talk when you were discovered.