The most popular video portal, YouTube, gave an account of the most watched music and home videos worldwide.

1. Gangnam Style / PSY

You've probably lost count of how many times have you heard the refrain of Gangnam Style, the success of Korean Psy. This clip is the most viewed video with 2,335,666,221 views, but also has a 1,268,327 of do not like.

2. Baby / Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber classic reaches 1,167,670,240 visitors, but has more "do not like" that "like": 4653028 to 2946777.

3. Dark Horse / Katy Perry

Video Dark Horse Katy Perry of the US third place with 955 406 847 views.

4. Katy Perry / Roar

Katy Perry repeated the plate, this time with Roar, reaching 925 006 901 visualizations.

5. Party Rock Anthem / LMFAO

Party Rock Anthem LMFAO 870 854 570 follows the list of views.

6. Love The Way You Lie / Eminem and Rihanna

The video starring the rapper Eminem and Rihanna, Love The Way You Lie, pocisiona sixth with 865 300 725 hits.

7. Waka Waka / Shakira

The official 2010 World Cup song, Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), has 854 402 879 visualizations.

8. On The Floor / Jennifer Lopez

On The Floor, JLo's song, which also features performances by Pitbull, was seen 832 390 593 times.

* 9. Gentlemen / PSY *

With views 836 292 697 is in the top 10 another topic of PSY, Gentlemen.

10. Charlie bit my finger - again! (Home Video)

In tenth place is the only home video ranking. It's called "Charlie bit my finger - again", climbed in May 2007 and has 820 221 167 visits.


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