Ziggurat (PC) boss guide

Sir Arthur - the eternal warrior

Sir Arthur's really quite simple knit. He hovers around summons a bunch of lost souls and bombards you with a spear of fire skulls that resemble the Magic "Skull of Xanatos". Just stay on the move and gives way to the attacks, then he should not be a problem.


Fighting Poloko can be very hot and annoying. Please note the following things:

- He conjures up opponents while preserving always return something LP
- He misses more energy projectiles in succession on you
- It can generate shock waves around them

If during the battle in motion and dribbles past his attacks if possible. Use the smaller opponent to fill your mana supplies again.

Gunkarr the Crusher

The mighty warlord lives up to its name. He runs like coming after you, trying to smash you. But you can easily avoid these attacks. Besides, he conjures then some opponents that you can use to replenish their mana.

Queen Amanda

There is not much to say about Amanda. She told some weaker and attacks you from afar. Otherwise, you just have to keep it tidy.


This glowing boulders can be quite annoying. Especially because he constantly evokes mini golems that to run on you. In addition to these, he conjures up even his weaker cousins, but "simply" you don’t have to pay attention to the game stage.

Otherwise, Adam engages mostly from afar, persecute you but if you walk away. He also produces flames on the ground that harm when you stand you in it.


Percival is one of the few guards who calls no other opponents for help. Knight eventually fights honorably against monsters mage.

He shoots from a distance several fire projectiles at you that explode on impact, causing serious damage in addition. He seems more attacks not on it and therefore it stays with the long-range combat.

Bastian of the High Priest

This so-called "priest" is anything but holy and helpful. He looks more like a vampire (in game demons) and evokes beyond even those annoying Cokatrize. There are also two remote attacks, even purple skull, the rather slow to fly to you, and which you can easily avoid. Then follows the multiple attack from his hand, the one not so easy is what happens. Tip: The pillars help in hiding and is especially because of the "poultry" in motion.

Ignus - the flames Prince

Ignus is actually not so hard to defeat, depending on when and at what level of difficulty you meet him. His attacks put an area for a while on fire; So avoid this. You should not run around too much, because otherwise you could run into the burning areas. Always keep something under him and moved you in a circle. Switch also the way some of the opponents of the summons Ignus.

King Blob

At King Blob was said that he conjures up very often and many of its smaller counterparts. Add to this some area attacks, but which one can dodge pretty well. Fits only on the coming to him nich close, then it sets namely a kind of poison wave that surrounds him for a while.

Lady Audrey

To combat behavior of the incarnation of Mother Nature is not unlike their smaller counterparts. But you should be aware of: weakness is their heart, that they protect with their leaves.

So waiting (but does not stop) until her heart revealed and then hold with your strongest weapon on it.

Tip: Switches the auto-aim function (should you have not already done so), otherwise you do not meet the Heart. Fit also on the tentacles that comes continuously from the soil and attacks you.

Examiner Cepheus - The Final Boss

Even if all the other guards are chosen at random, so the last battle is always the same: auditor Cepheus. He will demand you all what you have learned so far and appropriated you. In addition to the different enemies he summons konstand come even some dangerous attacks:

- He stops and generates more shockwaves
- He misses a lot, but slow purple skulls who persecute you
- Make the floor shine purple and hurt you if you stand over it
- Reviewer conjures several rocks that fall from the ceiling

Take some distance from him, but not too much and you keep the enemy at bay, persecute you. Hold it and otherwise always dribbles past his attacks, then you have him soon settled and are allowed to join the Brotherhood.

Regulus - King of predators

Well, who would have thought, a big Cockatrice as guards, well was to somehow foresee. Regulus is a irritate with his "groupie" behavior easily, especially because his huge beak occupies half of the screen, but do not be intimidated by it and put the car in reverse gear.

Otherwise, he attacks with a broad attack and summon way basilisk.