Ark - Survival Evolved (PC) beginner's guide

In our Beginner's Guide to Ark - Survival Evolved we give you tips and tricks at first hand, with which you will be able to survive longer in the prehistoric world. In addition to a general overview of the level and crafting system, you can also find here the initial steps that should follow at each first spawning.

- Start With Empty Hands
- Find Food
- Find Water
- Larger Exploration
- The Level System
- Engrams
- Fast Level Up
- Build Shelter
- Dinosaur's Fight
- Establish Tribes

Start With Empty Hands

Start Ark - Survival Evolved with a new character, of course, with nothing on the island. All beginnings are difficult and painful: Gather your fist stones from the surrounding area and strike a bystander to trees. This will get their wood and tree fibers that need you to build a pickaxe. This is the first step on the way to your survival adventure.

Now that you call a pickaxe your own, it's already more: Grab it and hammer on large rocks in order to get sharp stones (Flintstone). These you can use (after you've unlocked more engrams in the Level menu) to build new tools such as spear, ax and torch. Once you have farmed enough materials and built the first aids, you go up in the level. How do you invest your points make sense, we tell you below.

Find Food

Of course, you will get hungry after a while. This is indicated to you in the lower right corner on the basis of the club symbol. Once you have collected the first materials for tools, you should definitely go in search of food. If you have doubt, you can even search around the bushes with your hands. Here you will find - in addition to some materials - berries that give you an energy boost.

But be careful: First, the berries reduce your water display extremely. You eat too many fruits you will be dehydrated quickly. How do you get to the water, you read in the next post. Secondly, there are the Narco Berries. These harm you, because they have a soporific effect.

Find Water

The longer it sprints through the Dino World, the thirstier is your character. The easiest way to alleviate this, the sea and river of the game world. Once you thirst, jump into the cool water and stay for a while. Thus, the display fills, the bottom right of the screen, in no time.

Later in the game you have the chance, water hoses and other containers to fill with water. You must not always rely on a source of water nearby. What preparations are necessary for the first reconnaissance trips, we show you in the next post.

Larger Exploration

At the beginning of your Survival-adventure you should definitely stay close to the coast and collect your first equipment there. What you should note here, can be found below. Once you have your bearings , you can venture your first trip to inland . For this you must prepare yourselves well. First, you should definitely take care of sufficient food and water. Kill Dodos or Dinosaurs and grill the meat in the campfire. For the thirst, you build a water tank and fill it with water.

So you are mobile and at least for a while regardless of food sources. The tools must not be neglected. Take ax and pickaxe and spear and torch to be prepared for all eventualities. Empty your remaining inventory of raw materials. On the way you can still farm resources to restore your tools. Build a box for storing. This figure does not disappear your items.

The Level System

A special feature of Ark - Survival Evolved is the leveling system. A total of 60 levels to be attained in the course of your adventure. For every action that it makes, you get XP. Whether crafting items, resources farms, fighting dinosaurs or simply explore: Your level indicator in the lower right corner rises permanently. You have achieved a new level, you get points for both engrams (we bring you closer in the next post) as well as an attribute point. How does this affect your character, you can see in the following table.

Health Determines the maximum health of your character. This you can plug it in battles more results.
Stamina Increases your stamina. This you can sprint for longer or deal more blows in combat.
Oxygen Increases your oxygen reserves. So you can stay under water longer.
Food Your hunger display is expanded. You will hungry slowly.
Water Your thirst display is expanded. You will thirsty slowly.
Weight Increases maximum equipment load. You can carrying more items in your inventory, without slowing.
Melee Damage Increases the damage you inflict opponents in close combat.
Movement Speed Increases your overall speed.
Fortitude Determines your resistance value. With this you are better protected from extreme heat and cold and loss of consciousness.
Crafting Speed Increases speed at which you can craft items.
Torpor Describes the value of your consciousness. When you are fully awake 0. If the bar is filled, you will faint. Can only be increased indirectly by the Fortitude value.


Once you are spawned on the island, you have in your construction menu only a pickaxe and a torch to choose from. Go up on the rank, Engram points you are awarded, which you can invest in new blueprints. Bear in mind that you have not enough points with reaching the maximum levels to unlock all plans. Here the multiplayer aspect comes into play, in which each focused on specific priorities.

At the beginning you should mainly rely on tools to increase your productivity. Only after that you care for a base. As you build the first shelter, we show you one of the following posts.

Fast Level Up

Since for every action in Ark: Survival Evolved you get experience points, you can almost farm these already. Especially at the beginning you should collect a lot of resources to produce items, use up the least possible of them. So you should definitely focus on notes or cloth hats that can unlock with few Engram. You just need a few materials to manufacture. The best way to realize this trick in connection with your tribe. As you join a tribe or you find, your own clan we will tell you later in this guide.

Build Shelter

Once you have spent some time with the resource gathering, you will quickly reach your capacity limits. By then a first shelter must be found, which protects you not only from the environment but can also act as bearings. The components of the smallest cottage (Thatch) are quickly learned by Engram. Whoever comes up with the idea to skip this, is disappointed: All components of the first hut to be provided to learn the better dwellings.

To collect Thatch quickly, you must speak with your bare fists strike to trees. Once you have enough resources, put your house a foundation, three sides, a door frame and a roof. Now you should still use finally a door to protect your belongings from prying eyes. It's best to build even a box into which puts your items before you go exploring. Together with a bed so you've built your first shelter and use it from then on as a starting point for future adventures.

Dinosaurs Fight

Ark - Survival Evolved is characterized mainly by the numerous dinosaur species that inhabit the island. This can be basically divided into two groups: On the one hand the peaceful herbivores that you do anything until they attack. On the other hand, the predators who want to refer you to a lower place in the food chain. In order to protect you in the fight against it, you need first a spear.

It is at the beginning of the game your best choice to defend or attack. Later in the game you can upgrade with better melee weapons or even pistols and rifles. First, you should put on your melee strength and this increase even with a few skill points, however. Until namely comes to really heavy guns, it takes some time.

Your opponents are easy to defeat, if you focus on the weak points. In most cases, these are at the creature's head. Only in dinosaurs, which have horns or sharp teeth, you should rather Stalk from behind and then strike.

Establish Tribes

In order to be truly successful, you must not play the world forever roam alone. It's best to exclude you together with other players in a trunk. Is it just in your inventory on Tribe Management. There you can modify your existing or create a new Tribe. All members of the tribe share erected buildings, objects or tamed creatures. In addition, you can join the game again at fixed spawn points of your base.

Complete things together with members of your tribe, you get also a bonus XP. The most obvious advantage is of course the superior power, which represents as a group. So then you are much more secure against attacks of other players.