Batman Arkham Knight: most wanted - side missions guide


In addition to the main quest around Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight you have the ability to perform numerous side quests. We show you in this guide how the so-called most wanted in Batman - Arkham Knight done.

The Line of Duty - Bleak island

Throughout Gotham there are 17 firefighters kidnapped. Now you must track down and rescue them from their captors. With the below map you can see in an instant the targets on each island. Also use your detective vision to recognize the large collection of enemies from a great distance.

On the map you can see the position of the firemen on the basis of Axe symbol that we have once again highlighted with a green circle, to avoid confusion. In Bleak island there are six firefighters.

Batman Arkham Knight, The Line of Duty, Bleak Island, Firefighters Locations map

If you have problems with the exemption, complete main missions or ER challenges to obtain Waynetech points. These can improve your skills and your gear and prepared to fight the bats better.

The Line of Duty - Miagani island

Batman Arkham Knight, The Line of Duty, Miagani island, Firefighters Locations map

Also on Miagani island four firefighters have been captured. With the map you will find their positions in no time. We have once again framed the positions with a green circle.

The Line of Duty - Founders island

Batman Arkham Knight, The Line of Duty, Founders island, Firefighters Locations map

On the last of the three main islands, there are five firefighters to rescue.

Riddler's Revenge

After you have completed several major missions, takes on the Riddler contact with you. Complete his racing task to unlock this side quest. Here you have a total of 243 trophies, puzzles and destructible objects. How this works, we will show you in a separate guide. Also you contacted the highly intelligent villain occasionally throughout history, and gives you additional tasks.

The Perfect Crime

A killer is on the loose in Gotham. Despite numerous other activities - a monster cannot be on the streets. You get to start two places that have to look at. Search the corpses with your detective vision. In each cell level you can find a hint to help you in identifying the victims. Go around and around your goal to reveal any part of the body. On the roof of the hotel investigate her - first breast, then the arm and finally the foot. When victims of the bridge you will search the ear, the intestines and the hip. Once you have found the two men from the database, Alfred cares about the next steps. Only later in the game you'll get a menu overlay that new information is available.

Batman Arkham Knight: the perfect crime corpse location guide

Supposedly find more traces of the killer in the Bristol area. The body finds it right the first building next to the bridge. Pay attention to the music, to find them. Search then only the side of the body, then the prosthesis in the head and then the right arm.

The second body on Miagani island can be found in the far north. Search there. At the northern tip of the island after an over some large billboards on the roof you will find the victim. Search the chest, a bullet in his upper arm and the foot bones. Now you have to change to the last of the three islands.

Founders island also has suffered two victims. There you will find the first body in the East. Search for the corner which is located on the map between the island in the middle and the Perdition Bridge. There you will find a militia camp near the church. Climb on one of the yellow masts and then looking towards the coast. There the victim is below the ramp for the tank. First scan the thigh, then the kidney and finally the skull. Now only missing a sacrifice to educate.

This can be found in the north of Founders island. Go there to the place left the docks, where a firefighter is held. At the level below the military roads you'll find the next victim of a side street. Search the thigh, the neck and an extra finger on his hand. Apparently, a member of the circus of the bizarre of the perpetrator. Go to the now obtained target point in hiding dolls to bring Lazlo Valentin about the route. For this you must however be so advanced in the main story, to control the Batmobile on Founders island.

The perfect crime - Boss: Professor Pyg

Inside the doll salon you will find the self-appointed Professor Pyg and his minions. It is best to defeat the sinister serial killer. Turn out those with a floor finisher or environment attacks. When you do this, stand up and fight again. Pull with the Batclaw and slash them down to be recognized if the finisher on the floor. Even the evil professor mixes with the second part of the battle in the action. Once you have done all enemies, go to the table in the middle of the room and perform a finisher to the mad butcher. Free the first prisoner in the cage by destroying the fuse box next to the grid. Then grab the unconscious and bring him to the Batmobile. Now he is ready for transport to the GCPD.

Creature of the Night

Once you have arrived at Miagani island, you should visit the tower next to the Grand Avenue station. There you will be attacked by a Gargoyle. So Batman sets out to search for the enemy. Wait at the destination point - the best on a tall building - until the creature screams. Now you swing into the air and fly in the direction. Soon you should see the Gargoyle. Tear him from the air by fly to him to get the blood. Dr. Lang electricity has been transformed into the creature. Go to his lab to find out more. Have you found the devastated area, you see yourself first to the video message. Search the area and you'll find the dead woman on the floor. Now go to his computer.

There you get the research material. Rotate the DNA strands whenever the red X appears on the screen. Considering to do this for each strand individually. Have you resolved the sequence, you can Manbat with the drug heal. Only later in the game he will show up at the clock tower on Bleak island. Jump at him as usual and given him the serum. At the first attempt the whole thing is not enough. The second time you find him in north Founders island near the tall building. Give him a dose and you can bring to a long power GCPD and thus close the case.

Heir to the Cowl

After you have completed a few missions on Magani island, you shares with Alfred that a person has left on the roof of a house burning Bat symbol. Go to the mysterious unknown. It is Azrael. He will be appointed by you as the new Batman. Now you will change the role and slip into the skin of Azrael. You have to do the enemy, without being hit. Your goal often uses counterattacks and constantly changing, so that your enemies have no chance for a counterattack. Have you managed to get their first point.

Now you have to find him again. He is on Founders island in Otisburg. Go to the building on the west side of the island, which is located on the small bay. There take care first the small enemies and to the big chunk of the circuit. Counter him only now and then, to no harm suffered. The third test of Azrael starts on Bleak island southwest of the roundabout in the center of the island. Here you have to get focused on the medics, put enemies under power. Attack of this journeyman you can fend off only with a Batclaw attack. Take him as quickly as possible, and the fight will be a breeze.

Last but not least you will find the emerging hero among the three main islands on the small island in the middle of the map. Climb the statue there for the final challenge. This is sword wielding fighters that you want with quick blows to the collar. Attack attempt to strike as soon as possible and to give them a chance. If an attacker has a yellow symbol over your head, you have the beat of his attacks, press the dodge button and fall back to the rear. Take this challenge best upgrade, off the enemy directly at this evasive maneuver. Alternatively, you can also avoid the blows.

Then you have to return to the clock tower, in order to analyze the data Azrael. Apparently one has implanted in him a microchip into your brain. This behavior was influenced. You must now find the Dumas symbols in the recording. Search until you discovered the symbol in one of the cells and analyzed them. You'll find an icon on the arm of the football player, the shield of the knight, on the table in the end sequence and the section after the baby. Now the true message is free. Azrael appears and you switch back the roles. Now you have the choice to leave the tower or attack Batman with the sword beside the elevator. Of course, the first option is much better.

Gotham on Fire

Another mission that you get on Miagani island shortly after your first visit. Apparently the fire station was set on fire and the extinguishing measures sabotaged. Make your way to the police station and put out the fire by connecting the anchor point with the Batmobile and give gas. That put the sprinkler system in transition and elicits the arsonist. This is the old acquaintance Firefly, whereby now provides you a chase through the streets of the city. At least until his fuel runs out. Then you go after him to take him down. Unfortunately, he can flee. Now you have to continue to move forward in the story in order to trigger the next event with him.

The second firing can be found on Bleak island. Embark on the position south of the roundabout. The column of smoke near should already see from a distance. Repeat the same game now, like last time. The last fire station is located at Founders island and is also visible through the smoke. Remember that you can visit in this game later. Repeat the whole thing and you can bring the pyromaniac Firefly into GCPD.

Bandit with two faces

Two-Face robbing the banks of Gotham. Travel to Bleak island, where the villain is leveled with the first bank to swing. Give you access and you can see that his goons already dispel the vault. The alarm is active. So tune the shooters as quickly as possible, without being seen by them. The whole thing is complicated only by the steadily declining money level. The money comes to zero, the mission is failed. Then come more rackets. Use your breaker to disable firearms and to use the hacking device, the environment to your advantage. In this second phase, you have to again proceed quietly. Once you have done this, you can go directly to the nearest bank to Founders island. In this and in the third bank you repeat the same and take the Two-Face at the end.

A Friend in Need

Later that night, break the connection to Lucius Fox from the Wayne Tower. Go there and find out what's going on. There go to the computer and use it. This is a flashback, is attacked in the Fox. Now go to the right Wayne in office. Speak with the hostage-takers. Attack him as soon as he points the gun at you, and the mission has been completed.

Campaign For Disarmament - Bleak Island

Batman Arkham Knight, Campaign For Disarmament, Bleak Island, Bomb Locations map

During the campaign of Arkham Knight set bombs on the city streets. This you have to provide about the wind of the Batmobile with a virus. During the period in which the virus is uploaded, grab on numerous drones. The danger level looks directly show on the map next to the bomb icon. We have marked the locations on Bleak Island on the map. Remember that you only unlock the last bombs very late in the course of the main story. On Bleak Island there are a total of four bombs. One of them turned the case into the main quest.

Campaign For Disarmament - Miagani Island

Batman Arkham Knight, Campaign For Disarmament, Miagani Island, Bomb Locations map

Also on Miagani Island of Arkham Knight has to defuse bombs. The locations of bombs we have given you clear on the map again with circles.

Campaign For Disarmament - Founders' Island

Batman Arkham Knight, Campaign For Disarmament, Founders' Island, Bomb Locations map

There are five bombs on Founders Island. Again, we have highlighted the locations on the map with circles.

Occupy Gotham - Bleak Island

Batman Arkham Knight, Occupy Gotham, Bleak Island, Tower Locations map

This mission is small sections that can cope with deposits. We have marked the towers on the map. On Bleak Island there are four towers. Make your way to them and look for hazards, such as guns or strong units. Use your gadgets to hide. After that you can isolate them from the group and do individual opponents. Have you done all, you just need to blow up the console that keeps the tower active.

Occupy Gotham - Miagani Island

Batman Arkham Knight, Occupy Gotham, Miagani Island, Tower Locations map

On Miagani Island there are already many more activities by the militia. Here it is important to disable a total of eight towers. You'll find them quickly thanks to our map.

Occupy Gotham – Founders’ Island

Batman Arkham Knight, Occupy Gotham, Founders’ Island, Tower Locations map

Just like on Miagani Island you expect eight towers here. These are particularly easy to see thanks to the tall building.

Own the roads - Bleak Island

Batman Arkham Knight, Own the roads, Bleak Island, checkpoint Locations Map

These missions are very similar to the other relief tasks related to the militia. Here you have to locate checkpoints in the streets and off. Often you need to support your gadgets or the Batmobile, with which you can check in quickly the areas. On Bleak Island there are four checkpoints that we have marked on the map.

Own the roads - Miagani Island

Batman Arkham Knight, Own the roads, Miagani Island, checkpoint Locations map

Again, more forces are on Miagani and Founders’ Island. In Island, there are eight Miagani militia bases. These checkpoints can be found in no time thanks to our map.

Own the roads - Founders' Island

Batman Arkham Knight, Own the roads, Founders' Island, Checkpoint Locations Map

On the last island also find eight checkpoints. Keep especially look out for red lights and the symbols of the Militia to find them. Shipyard but also a look at our map.

Militia - Boss: Deathstroke

After you have sold all militia forces, disarmament campaign and conquest of Gotham. Then you connect Deathstroke and it comes to tank duel middle of the island.

Armoured and Dangerous

On all the islands patrolling armored car of militia that pose senior officers of Arkham Knight. Pursue these and ram or shoot them from the street. In most cases, you'll get it to do with escort vehicles, which it also destroyed. Unfortunately, the car will not be displayed on the map because they are constantly moving through the streets.

Stop just after the large vehicle lookout while other things done. Then this mission should be done quickly. Do you have problems off the car? Then thinking about upgrading the Batmobile with Waynetech points. You get an advantage with this.


Batman Arkham Knight, Gunrunner

Over the main story you meet with Nightwing and pursuing a weapons delivery penguin. Of course, these transactions continue and must make to be stopped. The expiry of this wanted list mission is basically always the same. Search for the van once Nightiwing you are by the position. Then you mark the vehicle with the breaker and knock on the back door to startle the occupants. Then track them on foot and through the Cape Town until they calm down and go to the base. There you seek then access and done together with the hero of Blüdhaven the minions of the penguin. Now you are destroying even the weapons with an explosive charge and you have completed the camp. This you repeat three times.

Have you completed the last camp, Nightwing is captured by Cobblepot. Travel to Otisburg to help him. On the roof of the building control the gunmen from silently. That should not be a problem. Begin with the sniper and disables the detective interferer with the breaker. After that, the opponents spread widely and can be done in sequence. Then jump through the elevator shaft down and display as gun in the next room to get through the ventilation shaft. From there, you come back and Nightwing with him now the racket handle. Utilize team OFF maneuver to take large and armed opponents out of the game quickly. Attempt to blow up the camp and penguin on dips. Then change to Nightwing to turn it off and already you can bring into the rogue GCPD.

Lamb to the Slaughter

Jack Ryder, in his capacity journalist has gone to Lady Liberty in the heart of Gotham to go strange events on the ground. Apparently he has done too much. Go to the giant statue, looking for him. On the island he is being held by Deacon Blackfire and his henchmen, and to be sacrificed for a ritual. Jump in the ring and slay the enemy within the time limit. Use your finisher and gadgets. Have you done that, you shoot even with the distance-current charging to the four generators under the cage in order to reach a deacon and complete the mission.


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