Batman Arkham Knight: the perfect crime corpse location guide

A mysterious killer has filled the streets of Gotham with the mutilated bodies of his victims. In this guide we will see where to find the bodies and how to find the tracks that will lead us by the killer to get the trophy / objective In line at the butcher!

In the map below you will find all the places where the killer has exposed the mutilated bodies of the victims. All you have to do is go to one of these areas and will examine the corpse:

The victims will be examined with the technology of Batman detective. The new viewer allows a scan to 3 levels deep: epidermis, Muscle and Bone. Below is the list of bodies, following the order of the map, and the elements to be analyzed:

(1) Anthony Lund

Area: Bleake Island
Analysis: Left ear, abdomen, right, left hip.

(2) Franklin Accardo

Area: Bleake Island
Analysis: Left arm, chest, left knee.

Batman Arkham Knight, Perfect Crime, Corpse Location Map, Bleake Island, Miagani Island, Founders Island

(3) Robert Kincaid

Area: Miagani Island
Analysis: chest, right arm, left toe.

(4) Lisa Mendes

Area: Miagani Island
Analysis: Left side of the trunk, right eye, right arm.

(5) Ella Montgomery

Area: Founders Island
Analysis: right leg, abdomen, right, right side of the skull.

(6) Alison Wears

Area: Founders Island
Analysis: left leg, left shoulder, left little finger.

Complete analysis of the bodies will unlock the hiding place on the map of the killer and can finally sever his career and get the trophy / objective In line at the butcher.