Batman Arkham Knight: stop bank robberies of Two-Face

Batman Arkham Knight - Help Wanted - Banished to Two-Face, among other sought that haunt Gotham's also Two-Face and his gang of thugs who decided to rob the three main banks of the city. With this guide you are able to stop them and get the trophy / goal Jekyll and Hyde.

During the course of the main mission Alfred informs Batman that Harvey Dent, Two-Face, historical friend / enemy of the Dark Knight, is robbing the banks of the city. Your task will be to head to the banks in which you are going to stop the robbery. You can use various gadgets, such as the jammer to lock their firearms and the Infiltrator REMOTE, useful to activate the various protection systems internal to the bank and to KO opponents. Once stopped the number of men required, Two-Face will order them to stop the robbery and search Batman. Take out the men left and continue to the next bank.


- The Robbery- from foil are 3 and can be addressed one after the other.

- During Robbery is the Bank alarm covering noise, so you can pick off opponents with techniques noisier without attracting the attention of too many enemies.

- Keep an eye on the counter of the money in the middle at the top of the screen. They will tell you how much money they were able to load into the van. If you take away all the mission will fail.

- Robbery, after stopping opponent’s requested, Two-Face will come personally to make the festival, accompanied by 2 Doctors and 2 enemies with hecklers. Eliminate the first doctors to prevent awaken the other enemies, then enemies that disturb the signal of the viewer and then Two-Face can be stretched like a normal opponent.


- BANK OF CHINATOWN to Bleake Island
- BANK OF FOUNDERS Founders Island
- BANK GOTHAM CENTRAL to Miagani Island