Batman - Arkham Knight: Unlock Skins / Suits / Costumes

- A Skin can be equipped easily, you just need to select the main menu, "Manage Arkham Knight". Then you have to choose your character and choose a specific suit and then set to "active".

- The Skins that are listed in this guide, are to some extent in the game unlockable or available free of charge and all exclusive skins are also listed.

Skin Index / Skins 1-4 (10 in total):

- Main Skin: Batsuit V 8:03
- The starter Batsuit (from ARKHAM City): Batsuit V 7:43
- PS4 - exclusive outfit: Justice League 3000
- Steam version Skin: Batman Beyond

Batsuit V8.03 - Skin

You will get this Batman costume in the first main mission.

Important Features:

- Titanium fabric
- A liquid armor layer
- Batmobile-Interface (integrated)

Batsuit V7.43 - Skin

For all players of "Batman - Arkham City" this outfit is likely to be a familiar sight. The suit is now also available in "Batman - Arkham Knight".

Justice League 3000 - Skin

This special exclusive outfit is not yet available and will be available for Ps4 players later. - Very unusual design.

Batman Beyond - Skin

This main battle costume is a very special future version of Batman battle tank and has no more cloak and looks extremely futuristic. The skin is only available for the Steam version of the game.

Retro and Special Skins

Skin-Overview 4-10

- Free Skin: New 52 Batman
- Season Pass Skin: Batman Flashpoint
- Bestselling Steam version: Dark Knight Returns
- From the 60's TV series: Classic TV Batman
- WB-account Skin: Anime Batman
- The original costume from the 30s: Batman’s 1st Appearance

New 52 Batman - Skin

This Skin is free of charge.

Batman Flashpoint - Skin

The dark skin "with beautiful red eyes" will be available for download to the Season Pass owners. The users, who are familiar in the universe of DC Comics, are likely to have seen this Batman cosume.

The Dark Knight Returns - Skin

For the bestselling Steam version you get offered to download this costume.

Classic TV Batman - Skin

This "retro outfit" is reminiscent of the classic 60's TV series and is exclusively to the owners of PS4 version.

Anime Batman Skin

You will get this Skin when you create an account at WB Games. For this you need only a valid email address.

Batman’s 1st - Appearance - Skin

You will get this Skin if you pre-order the game from Amazon. The execution complies the design of the first Batman of the 30's.