Destiny: how to Get Etheric Light to improve weapons and armor

Destiny gained a new and important item with the arrival of the Wolf House. It is the Etheric Light, used to improve weapons and ancient armor, leaving them with properties equal to those of new content, with damage 365 and 42 light. There are only four ways to make this artifact. Check out what they are.

Prison of the Elders

A guaranteed way to make Etheric Light is complete the Prison of the Elders levels 34 and 35. Every week, you can earn the reward once with each character. Once you reach the end of the mission, open side chests and you will receive an item of this. At the lower levels, 28 and 32, it does not "drop".

Dusk Assault

You need luck, but rather the Light Etheric drop in the Dusk activities. As in Prison of the Elders, you can do this quest only once every week, with each character. But here the "loot" is random, so there is no certainty that you will win it.

Osiris Challenges

In Osiris challenges, you can earn Light Etheric in reward packages that Brother Vance gives the guardian when he won a number of victories (in the first week she was leaving in six victories package). Also, if they win all their nine games and is the Mercury, you can also make the chest there.

Iron Flag

Bungie announced on Thursday (28), that next Iron Flag, facing Crisol players, level of rewards 3 and level 5 will Etheric Light gamers. It takes place next Tuesday (2), and goes to the other Tuesday (9). Every day, you have to complete contracts to go up in level.

Leveling Weapons and Armor

The Etheric Light serves to "level up" weapons and armor, or increase its levels. After getting an item, go to the equipment you want to improve and browse its symbol, which soon is the beginning of modifiers on the left. Beyond the Light is necessary, usually take a little money and material.

Hover, the cursor over this icon to find out what you need and, if everything is already confirm the update. Thus, your weapon goes to 365 and damage your equipment wins 42 level light. The procedure works only with "equips" legendary. Exotic fragments.