Destiny: learn to earn foreign currencies in the game

Destiny is an action game with several different vendors. And each calls for a different item in exchange for equipment. XUR, for example, appears on weekends bringing exotic objects. Also, it only accepts payment in foreign currencies. In this tutorial, we show you how to acquire such coins.

Method 1. Upon completion of matches in the crucible, there is a chance to reward with foreign currencies;

Method 2. Opening rare engrams (blue) with Cryptarch there is the chance of finding a foreign currency within;

Method 3. Complete the evening of assault. Although not guaranteed, at the end of this challenge, the player has the chance to be rewarded with about ten foreign currencies;

Method 4. Who has the DLC Wolf House (House of Wolves), after completing the prison so the Elders (Prison of Elders) on any difficulty and open the lower trunks, there is a chance of finding foreign currencies in;

Method 5. Complete public events with class "gold" can reward the player with foreign currencies;

Method 6. Complete the weekly heroic assault. The mode has three different difficulties, each giving three foreign currencies. However, if the hardest level is completed before the player receives the reward of all, and with it, winning nine coins. Despite being more efficient, this method can only be completed once per week with each character;

Method 7. For those with House of Wolves also complete the missions of Petra can reward the player with foreign currencies.