Dragon Age 3: Inquisition (PC) - Emissary guide


Belle is waiting for your first visit to Val Royeuax waiting to be recruited. After the Templars are deducted and you have spoken to the church sister! Turn to the left next to the platform. There is a small stand with food. Speak Belle and agres to let her go to the firmament.

Sky Watchers

This big guy is waiting in Fahl break on you, and is also not to be overlooked. He's even kind enough to help guide you into the beat up demons from the crack. Freed after your soldiers in the fortress and the sky watchers will then wait at the staircase on you. Offers him to work for you and will be glad to follow you.


These young Elfin meet in the forest ridge. Two gray guard they save just a few demons. Then she goes to the left in the little house where you can talk to her. The prerequisite is that Solas is on the team. Are you saying that it is now not a good idea to join the guards and let give her a piece of advice from Solas. Then she goes to the firmament.


At Servis passes in the West because it is already part of the quest to defeat him. Is he on the floor, you can choose if you let him die or to let firmament bring. On the festivals you can judge him and recruit him as an "informant on probation", or directly as a smuggler.


Outside a warehouse, awaiting a spy who is also marked with an exclamation point, and even appeals to you if you come near him. He asks you to look for his missing colleague, what you also really like. It is marked on the map, (Quest "Strange Bedfellows") in relation to the discovery Lornans exile on a hill, but you hear them even call for help from afar. The attacker scans the immediate environment and then speak with her. With Varric team they can recruit more easily.

Herald of Andraste

She stands in front of the barred gate at Lornans exile, you cannot miss, because you just have to respond anyway to get in there. After you have closed the crack, she saunters slowly to the statue and you can address them. Are you saying that they make the Inquisition known or gather information to, then it follows.


Enchantress Ellendra can be found above at the crossroads in a small "cave." Meets Quest "my favorite phylactery" and talks to her. Are you even a human mage (Elf and Qunari not work) you can persuade yourself. Otherwise, you have to have Vivienne team.

Corporal Vale

Vale is your first contact at the crossroads, waiting on a small hill. Fulfills its concern (Aries get meat, blankets and get the healer from Redcliffe pick). Do you have that, you can talk to him again and ask him to recruit the able. Then he comes up with.


Also Alexius can be obtained as an emissary, provided you are not too hasty with his conviction. If you wait, appears the possibility that he will explore magic in its judgment. (It is probably an advantage to be a magician himself. In my two villains, the option did not show up despite waiting for)


Movran is performed without any fuss on the firmament before you. Send him armed to Tevinter (do not worry, he does not accept evil Dorian) and he is involved.

Frederic von Serault

Frederic awaits you in the West and has a whole bunch of tasks for you that stretch over several quests, up to the confrontation with the Abyssal high dragon. Have you done the pangolin, you can talk to him and send to the firmament.


Completed quests of Dennett's son and wife, and then talk to him. Dorian and Cassandra convince him quickly.

Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons

Whether you let them alive or defeated, they will be entered as an emissary, the latter possibility is the funnier.

Smuggler Tanner

Have you found in the back of the Land Templar letter, you can appeal it in Redcliffe near the church. Speak directly to the letter, and let them out of Cassandra or Varric convince. (You can also do it yourself, but when Cassie there is a consent point)


To him, you have to in the Emerald graves. Carry out his activities, as well as the quest "Noble deeds and noble heart" and give him the information. Speak with him afterwards and he comes up with.


You can find him in the sublime levels. He comes along, you have to win the goodwill of the Dalish. It is not difficult, just tedious. And guard yourself from destroying the tombs. If you have Loranil, you can still grave desecration run to get to the cemetery behind the locked door. ;-)

Lord Berand

He, too, is waiting in Lornans exile, top right of the "tavern" (he speaks to you also) and entrusted you with a quest. Done that and then tells him that the Inquisition as men can use it.

Michel de Chevin

He gets you in the Emprise du Lion. Talk to him and behind Sahrnia defeat Imshael. Defeat, not get involved in his chatter, even if you have to have tasted real time! Then Michel will follow you happy.

Hess Arians Blades

Also, they are of course part of a quest. Establishes the grace crest and stand on the coast of the storm challenge the leader. As long as you wear the coat of arms, the others keep silent feet. Is the giant fell, followed by the blades from now on you.


It is easy to miss and is in the tavern in Redcliffe. After speaking with Alexius you can talk to him. If you have questioned him and passed you, he will hold you back and ask if you can use it. Of course you can!

For this you can in the Winter Palace also two people enlist, but never appeared with me in the collection. One of the men you find in the garden with the happiness fountain, approximately near where Dorian is. One can overhear two men and take one of the two, depending on whether you have initially chosen you for the Templars or the magician. The other is freed from you during the course and presents itself as one of Gaspard's mercenaries. Of course, you offer him a better job, and he follows you.