ESOTU (PS4 / Xbox One) skyshards locations

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - skyshards locations guide

Khenarthi’s Roost (6 Skyshards)

1. On the tower in the southeast of your starting camp, you'll find the first Skyshards.

2. Go to the back of the temple.

3. On a wall of the temple you will find the next shard.

4. In the city of Mistral, you have to look at an island in the northwest behind the house.

5. In the stranded shipwrecks on a small island.

6. The last Shard is located in a cave. The entrance to is right on the cliff face.

Auridon (16 Skyshards)

1. On the central balcony of the Bank in Vulkhel Guard.

2. Bosse of public Dungeons "Dels pit", a little to the left of the door.

3. The next Shard can be found in a house on the east coast.

4. In Dungeon "Ondil", in a small room in the southeast.

5. On the west coast you will find a stone pedestal and the next sky shard.

6. The public Dungeon "Tooth Breaker Interior", a shard poses on a hill in the southeastern edge.

7. In Dungeon "Entilas folly" on a wooden platform in the east.

8. In a stone house on the way end, you'll find the next shard.

9. On the balcony of the Fighters Guild in southeastern sky watch.

10. East of Wayshrine, you will find another precious shard.

11. In the public dungeon called "Bewan", hidden in the northeast behind a wall.

12. In a ruined house, southwest of the shrine at College.

13. Another Sky Shard can be found above the waterfall in the west of the "island of contemplation".

14. In Dungeon you'll find the shard after the final boss in the southeast.

15. Use the stone steps to get to the lighthouse top.

16. The Dungeon "Mehrunes malice", you donated in the very first room in the southeast another shard.

Bleakrock Isle (3 Skyshards)

1. To the east of the castle ruins (Orkey's Hollow entrance) you will find the first sky shard

2. In the mine of "Hozzin's Folly". Access you gain, if its the same quest between wayshrine and Hozzins

folly closes.

3. Prior to a cave in the north of the isle.

Bal Foyen (3 Skyshards)

1. The sky is just behind the Shard wayshrine.

2. On the bow of the ship, you will find another shard.

3. Look for behind the Wall in the village.

Stro M'Kai (3 Skyshards)

1. south of the shrine, the Shard is located on the bay.

2. In the interior of the labeled building.

3. Behind a ledge on the riverfront, is the next sky shard.

Betnikh (3 Skyshards)

1. At the marked walls, there is another shard.

2. You see a striking large tree, the Shard is located right next to the house.

3. The stone pedestal a ruin by the port, also holds a sky shard.

Stone Falls (16 Skyshards)

1. With the magic chest, get access to Crows forest. There you will find the shard in the southwest

behind the ruined house.

2. On the slope towards Bal Foyen.

3. At the bottom of the cliff, there is the next sky shard.

4. In Dungeon "The fitting of the Inner Sea", the Shard is in the second room next to the boss.

5. The Dungeon, donated to you under a wooden bridge, the next piece of the pie.

6. When mercenary camp you walk down the slope.

7. In the final passage of the dungeon named "Mephalas Nest".

8. On a small island in the lava, there is another shard.

9. on the lake of peninsula, can be found a shard.

10. In Dungeon "Inside Inner Sea Armature".

11. Just before the final boss of the "Sheogorath's tongue" -Dungeon.

12. Behind the selected farm.

13. Above the entrance of the instance mushroom cave is the next sky shard.

14. On the hill above the marked crossroads.

15. On the upper plateau in the Dungeon "floodwater pit".

16. In the statue, on the cliffs is the last shard in the stone cases.

Glenumbra (16 Skyshards)

1. Completed the first part of the quest to obtain access to "The Consecration reason" -Dungeon.

2. Right behind a promontory at the eastern gate of dagger fall.

3. The public Dungeon "The Ilessan Tower", in the northwest corner you'll find another shard.

4. In the northeast of the dungeon Silumm, is the next sky shard.

5. There are some hills On the west coast. There you will find the shard.

6. In the middle of Glenumbra is a statue with a shard.

7. On the southern edge of Glenumbra moores, you will find what you are looking for.

8. Behind a crypt in the ghost town, you can find the sky shard.

9. In Dungeon "Enduum", there is a large room in the northwest.

10. The public Dungeon "The Mines of Khuras", you donated last space above, another shard.

11. Right next to the selected bridge.

12. South of the king's grave and the Mundus stone in the northeast.

13. On the eastern edge of the outer circular road.

14. In the vicinity of the outlet within the Ebon Crypt, there is another shard.

15. In the large room in the east of "The tomb" -Dungeons.

16. In a mine-Lore, above the small village.