ESOTU (PS4/Xbox One) Soul Gem guide

- In the game there are Empty and Filled Soul Gems, with different level stages. You may be able to buy especially from traders (also empty soul stones).

- Dealers can be found for example in capitals.

- Soul Gems you can look for treasure chests.

- It is possible to refill soul gems, but this costs money and soul gems are not exactly cheap.

- In addition, you will find them sometimes in the dead adversaries - bosses have often filled with soul gems.

Main Function:

- Soul Gems have more functions than before in the new Eldar Scrolls Online.

- The main function of a soul gem is the reawakening after a premature demise. If you revived quite normal, you land on a wayshrine.

- Of course, you want after your death once again take the place back where it caught you. If you have eg long distances to a dungeon, then this would be an annoying waste of time.

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Soul Gems and their level steps:

Soul Stone / Name Level
Grand Soul Gems 50
Greater Soul Gems 40-49
Common Soul Gems 30-39
Lesser Soul Gems 20-29
Minor Soul Gems 10-19
Petty Soul Gems 1-9

Soul Gem Prices

Prices filled soul gems

Soul Stone / Name Price
Grand Soul Gems 900
Greater Soul Gems 780
Common Soul Gems 660
Lesser Soul Gems 570
Minor Soul Gems 450

Prices of empty soul gems:

Soul Stone / Name Price
Grand Soul Gems 121
Greater Soul Gems 105
Common Soul Gems 88
Lesser Soul Gems 75
Minor Soul Gems 54
Petty Soul Gems 21

Soul Gems shopping and tips:

- The two price lists date back to the offer of a mystic, these distributors can be found in neighborhoods of large cities. Now if you compare both price lists, - you realize how much it is worth to buy empty soul stones and then later charge with the ability "Soul Trap" itself! The soul stones are totally overpriced.

- Soul Gems can be used only once, so you have to ensure constant supply of soul stones.

- I hr should always take to charge Soul Gem, since otherwise you rely on the sympathy of your fellow players if you lies dead in the area and don’t have a stone here. -> In addition, your Saviour must also have the right soul gem, which must have the same level as that of your game character it does not work.!

Tip: If you plugging your Soul Gems you have to take into account but also a level of your game character. If you arrived at the border between two levels rise since and the character is on the verge in the level, then you have two different Soul Gems with you.


- Your character has level 9 when he dies he needs a soul gem type - "Minor Gem" (Level 1-9) - to revive. Increase your game character to Level 10 - then he needs a soul stone type - " Lesser Soul Gem".

Filling the soul gem in the fight!

What exactly is a soul gem:

- The power of revival calls high price, the soul (soul energy = life force) of a being.

- Soul gems are filled with a soul and capable only by the resurrection of the dead.

- But as previously mentioned, soul gems are outrageously expensive in purchasing. So you have to learn how to refill Soul gems!

- But how do I fill a soul stone?

Filling in the fight:

- So that we can fill a Soul Gem your Character has to deal with the issue of soul magic - your character to learn this ability early in the game.

- Practice: Open the game the skills menu k (Talent tree) and then select the menu item "Open World". Here you can find all the talent on "Soul Magic", as well as the "Soul Trap" (Active Skill recovering soul case).

- Use in battle: This capability allows you an empty soul gem in the fight to fill. For you have the ability to act on your opponent, but only briefly before he dies so you can capture his soul, - considers the ability! for about 10 seconds on. Important: The soul gem has to the level (level) of your victim meet and your soul gem will be then filled!

Fill Soul gems; without "soul trap"!

Other ways of Soul Stone filling:

- The ability "Soul Trap" you is the beginning of the game early on available. Therefore you have to use mainly this tedious filling method.

- Tip: At the beginning of the game you still have a low level relative, like rats and sheep, as well as other lower creatures, so you can quickly fill a few Soul Gems in combat. At higher level you just need more sophisticated opponents.

- After some time you can cope without these magical ability. When you ascended on rank 3 since there are more skills in the field of learning "Soul Magic". So when it's time, you should in the talent tree, again open the menu item world, the ability to learn "soul catcher".

- The ability "soul catcher" provides you a chance for a severe attack a soul automatically capture with the coup de grace.

Enchant Weapon; Charging:

Enchant Weapon magical effect:

- As in earlier parts of the game series "Elder Scrolls" have weapons magical effects that complement its action in the fight. For example, the fire sword. On this weapon enchantment is attached to a normal sword and activated by a Soul Shard. When using the weapon in the fight to reduce the "energy pool" of enchantment, so it has to be renewed after some time. Otherwise you have only a normal sword in his hand.

- Filling of Enchant Weapon: So you load your weapon using a filled soul stone, but you have only "right-click" Select the weapon and select "refill". For the filling then the soul gems from your inventory are shown.

- Important: Each weapon has as also every soul stone a certain level, but you can with every Soul Stone (see table ) charge a weapon enchantment Advice / Tip:. However, you should not great soul stones with a high level waste, when your weapon a realtiv low Level possesses. Then the boot is a bit more effective, but the price-performance ratio is simply not true! So using a soul stone with the same level as the weapon, this is enough! Does the soul stone, but a low level, then the charging of Enchant Weapon is filled only at a fraction of!