ESOTU: PvP in Cyrodiil


The PvP zone in The Elder Scrolls Online - Unlimited Tamriel is Cyrodiil.

In order to be able to enter, the following requirement must be fulfilled:

- Reaching the 10th level character. Once you have achieved this, you will already pointed from the game that you can now enter campaigns.

Among the campaigns: you can register at any campaign, which will be teleported to a long or short queue directly to Cyrodiil.

Queue: The Battle of Cyrodiil is instantiated. This means there are many times the same battle, but are in a battle and more represented in the other less player.

Welcome to Cyrodiil

Once in Cyrodiil, but no extractor what's now going on?

No Problem:

You should first of all accept the quest that in the very first city is waiting for you. Using your card you should find this quickly.

However, you can plunge you immediately into the fray, if you want that. The Quest will help you only as an entry aid.

To Cyrodiil Territory Map: In the Cyrodiil you now appear, which Allianz is one which fortress. Here are the Ebonheart Pact in red, marked Aldmeri Dominion in yellow and the dagger fall Alliance in blue. That is also the right of the screen when you move the cursor over a fortress of the respective alliances.

The contents of the quest line are actually very limited, it only provides a small glimpse into the world of siege weapons and bounty orders.


There is a selection of siege weapons, which you should always have a small selection in your inventory.

You need them to tear down the walls of the enemy keep and be able to storm.

There are 4 different siege weapons:

- First, the Trebuchet, with whom you have a very high range. However, this need extremely long to recharge.

- Then there's the catapults. They have a slightly smaller range than the trebuchets, but also invite a little faster after.

- The ballista you can due to its high rate faster reload on your opponents and cheer their walls, however, the ballista have the shortest range.

- The ram can only attack on melee range and therefore must be placed directly in front of a door or a wall.

Winning a successful campaign

It may be worth!

You will always be rewarded with some gold, armor, or the like, if you operate PvP in Cyrodiil. You die often but times brings you the only repair costs for your equipment. If it happens to you, you should take a group or even connect a raid.

In Cyrodiil there to conquer stuff, what's the point, however?

- You go up in your rank what you skill points, gold and Allianz points brings. With the Allianz-points you can you buy later strong armor.

Ranks and Rewards

Ranks the player and the Alliance:

The higher the rank, the higher the reward after a battle. It does not matter if your alliance wins or loses, although you get a reward for it join. The higher your rank, the more you can get a case.

The more often and longer will be taking part in a campaign, the higher your rank

The results of the battle will play a role. Depending on what did your alliance during the battle. (Like many strongholds they occupied, defended or lost and how many enemies were killed)

Your rank naturally does not disappear. Should you get tired of PvP have can safely leave their Cyrodiil, and devote your other activities.

Recovers an alliance to battle the Imperial City, the highest-ranked player is chosen at the Allianz emperor. This then gets special bonuses and abilities on the battlefield.

Am I strong enough for the fight?

If you're not sure whether you are strong enough to compete against the other alliances. Then you can be reassured, because the low-level region gives a boost to its attributes, so you can keep up with the higher graded players.

- It is up to you if you hang around you alone, a group or even a raid connects you to cut the other alliances on the cap.

However, you should only individual players attack and not try to take an entire fortress alone.

In a group can hunt their large groups of enemies.

In a raid you can then dare you to the fortifications. Pay attention, however, that you should bring enough siege weapons with you. Build it up only when it is really appropriate and useful.

If you find a guild, in the active PvP is operated, it should not be so difficult to find a group. A raid you have to plan something, unless it is an extreme PvP guild with more than 40 members.

Tips for battle

Finally, a few beginner tips for your first battle:

Take with enough healing, mana and stamina potions. You can save you life. Otherwise, you should not proceed too aggressively, because you when you die, not you can instantly go back to the scene again. This can be a long journey.

Withdrawal is allowed here, so you should consider this option if you notice, you or your group are not strong enough.

Play however predictively and somewhat defensive in combat. If you know what your opposite intends before executing it.