Galaxy on Fire 2 (iPhone) earn money through black market

Learn how to earn money through black market in Galaxy on Fire 2 (iPhone)


- AddOn Valkyrie

- Optional add-on Supernova

- Initial capital of at least $ 500,000

Note: Anyone who does not have a buffer, or either exactly $ 500,000, or has only slightly more, must either save or expected in smaller dimensions.

The AddOn Valkyrie is now also the Black Mark in Loma system. The procedure for making money is in principle the same as usual, except that you are not in the system with the specified highest price sold, but on the black market, because there the goods are always a bit more value, than in other systems. Who has now not just about a million dollar start-up capital and all add-ons, maybe you should refrain from shopping turret in bulk and sell them on the black market. While that is profitable, but only for a relatively small circle of players. However, there are goods that can buy and sell. Best suited for this purpose are alcoholic beverages, luxury goods / artifacts Vossk institutions etc.

Personally, I would recommend starting with alcoholic beverages. Here you take the most expensive items that are there. I would, for example. The Behen Wine (lowest price in Behen system), the Augmenta-Fizz recommend (lowest price in Augmenta system) and the Pescal Inartu fire. The selling price of these goods is in Loma system slightly higher than specified for this system. With only 1t is not worthwhile to sell them on the black market. Therefore, it can not hurt to have such aforementioned start-up capital because the shopping spree may be slightly more expensive in certain circumstances.

You're looking for eg. In Behen system stores the after-Behen wine now and then buying everything you can find there to Behen Wine. Then you fly to any of the other systems and buy there on one to either your load compartment fully or your wallet is empty. Then you put yourself to Loma system and sell the goods there. If your money is insufficient there to pay the tribute demanded, so they will not attack you, you should definitely have previously either gained a good stealth or a good armament.

If all this is too much, which can put on the old proven principle to sell the goods specified in the maximum price system.

They have less stress, but also less turnover.

This is one of several ways to make money in this game.