Guitar Hero Live - E3 first gameplay experience

We are in a time when it seems that it is time to recover the sagas that, one way or another, became less and less interest over time. Another of those sums to this trend is Guitar Hero, which returns with Guitar Hero Live, a new installment that returns to its origins, but with notable changes ranging from guitar to how we will be given access to the songs. Precisely the latter, called Guitar Hero TV.

Guitar Hero TV

To learn more about this Guitar Hero, we have to understand that the way we've seen so far (with videos of real image on stage, which are modified as play) is the single player mode or multiplayer. In this way we can offer a multitude of "channels" of different genres, where we can play for free the songs that will be broadcast. The channels will be updated with new songs that we play free of charge, as long as we touch on the issue.

Guitar Hero TV - we can play against friends locally or online, where we will see in real time how we are doing compared to other players, may well try to overcome their scores during the game. Unlike the solo mode, in multiplayer usually we see video clips of each song, as well as some direct the subject.

Although we have many types of channels with different subgenres each, suppose we want to play a particular song. For this we use so called "Plays", a kind of virtual currency we earn playing. Getting different challenges, both online and offline, both solo and multiplayer modes, these species will win tokens to redeem and can create us our playlists as ever. If we need more chips or unlock a song forever, it can be turned to real money.

Besides, there is a Guitar Hero TV Premium, in which we offer exclusive content, including some as songs taken from concerts that will be published in blu-ray, but have not yet marketed. To access these be necessary to perform some challenges concrete and level up, or, as in the previous case, buy what they want real money. In any case, both approaches are interesting, because on paper it seems that there will be to pay for anything, which can be decisive in the face of the arrival of new songs, which can determine the lifetime of this Guitar Hero Live .

Finally, don’t forget the ability to customize our experience. Leveling gets improvements (length of star power, maximum leverage, etc.) that will determine the multiplayer, and we can customize the "track" by lowering the notes and profile now introduced for online play. Many of these elements are unique to specific events, so we can get unique decorations to launch into battle in the network.

The New Guitar

Although I already talked about how the new guitar work, not had the chance to test so far. As a big fan of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the first sensations are confusing, with fingers not know what accounts for the black and white, and with a little you want to do things, which strives to play the notes that don’t belong. It took just thirty seconds to adapt to the colors, but still wanted our little play.

The Guitar Hero Live offer soon convince and we don’t doubt that it will be able to offer a new level of difficulty, but the truth is that we don’t fully understand why they removed two keys. With five levels of difficulty, everything could be easily adapted to that expert could play with four / eight keys, or even five / tenfold. That would have been a new level of difficulty and depth.

In any case, make it clear that feelings are so much fun, that this is not an easy title, and, best of all, is something different. In a way, has that magic to relearn, that time when even the simplest of riffs it seemed a challenge. To us it seems great to come and offer its own concept, especially when, if we want more traditional, we have Rock Band 4 (which also has its innovations, and discuss their impressions) to follow the familiar path.

New Ideas, Good Feeling

The idea of offering constantly new songs for free is certainly an idea very welcome, but we do it to some extent at the expense of freedom to play whatever we want in multiplayer. We will have to see how much room we have to enjoy the songs we desire, but for now, we want to give a vote of confidence and enjoy the idea of free new songs that are regularly added.

The new guitar is a bit of a double edged sword, with a new gameplay which can be very simple or very complex, but that leaves little to those already used to playing in expert wanting action. Also, I honestly don’t know why we would not have the same experience, if not more complete, with additional key. With more or less keys, Guitar Hero Live amused us from the first, left us wanting more.