Hands on with Mad Max: Like the film, the game is surprisingly fun

Mad Max (2015) is the latest game from Avalanche Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, inspired by the classic film, which will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 1, to PS4. We had the opportunity to test a brief sequence of the game during E3 2015. Check out our first impressions below:

Max, but not the same as movie

First of all, keep in mind that the game is not exactly an adaptation of Mad Max: Fury Road, the latest installment in the Mad Max film series. It is a unique adventure with history and the characters themselves. However, the title takes many borrowed elements of the film, like the bald enemies in gangs, tuned cars and ferocious persecution in the desert.

Max, however, is the same character ever. Along with his car, which is no longer the classic Interceptor, it needs to accomplish missions in the huge Wasteland and get on with its partner, a kind of deformed mechanic that improves vehicle and helps in some combat missions, weapons, utensils or even throwing bombs.

But don’t despair yet, because, as we said, the whole mood of the film is found here. There is the scenario devastated in the desert with rock formations, modified and thorns cars, explosives, dead creatures’ heads and other worthy bizarre series of fiction and action.

Batman fighting style

During our test, we noticed a little Max's fighting style. Well, besides using his car to handle threats and enemies that come down the sandy road, he can get off the vehicle and deal with villain’s groups or gangs with shots, punches and kicks.

This part of the game, the controls are very similar to those found in the Batman Arkham series. The Max scams are cadenced and can be performed with just one command. While there is another button for the counter-attack, what needs to be pressed whenever an enemy is about to attack him.

Inspiration is valid and does not sound like plagiarism. Also because Mad Max and Batman share the same publisher, Warner Bros. , so it would be plausible that its development studios to exchange some idea of influences between them. And that is to say: the battle was as good as it is in Batman, with brutal results and strokes that fit well satisfactorily.

Demo short, Big World

Unfortunately, the demo we played was very short in terms of mission, with just one or two tasks persecution, but the entire game map was released. If we wanted, we could wander throughout the territory of the game with our car until the gas runs out, or end our time in the E3. The world of Mad Max is really great and the best: always with interactive elements along the way.

As quoted, gasoline may be a problem, which, incidentally, is the great contest in the movie franchise, where the fuel has become rare. If your vehicle runs out, we need to stop and get more, either looting hiding mutants or sabotaging other cars that pass by the front of the desert.

Each wrecked vehicle can also render parts to improve your machine, grant new special attacks, ammo types, improve speed and performance - in addition to possible improvement in the efficient fuel consumption. Not only is Max who developed new moves and additions throughout the adventure, your car grow together, since it is virtually an extension of the anti-hero.

Stunning visuals

In addition to fun and full of activities to do on the map, Mad Max is a beautiful game. For not having been launched in haste to enjoy the premiere of the new film in theaters, the producers had a chance to really make some effort in the visuals.

Although the adventure to pass on a great desert, everything is very much alive and there is always something happening on the screen, is a wreck in the distance or large dust raised by a passing train in one corner of Max's vision. The explosions are another highlight, especially when it's your own car is exploding or catching fire - to fix, just stop for the Max ally do the service and repair things.

A pity that the game does not show the feature of any of the actors that interpreted in film, like Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy. Maybe it seems a mixture of the two for some, visually speaking. What we do know, though, and from what we saw in impressive demonstration, it is literally the embodiment of Mad Max, as expert on violence and resolving problems as it is in theaters.