Heroes of the Storm - most powerful warriors / skills

In this section of the guide we will see which are the most powerful heroes to use, analyzing their abilities and characteristics. Before beginning it is good to take a look at our GUIDE ROLES Heroes of the Storm to clarify certain terms in this guide.


These heroes are undoubtedly the backbone of a team because of a unique combination of skills and parameters.

WARRIOR: Anub'arak - A TANK with a high level of HP, strong resistance and a fair amount of damage.

SUPPORT: Brightwings - Thank Polymorphism can stop any hero and increase care and allies.

WARRIOR: ETC - A TANK very powerful especially thanks to the defense and the ability to stun.

MURDERESS: Illidan - Able to move quickly through the jumping ability and is equipped with high speed and power.

SPECIALIST: the Lost Vikings - Allows the team to accumulate a lot of experience but must try to stay in the back until near the end of the game where the skill levels of the past make it a very powerful from all points of view.

SUPPORT: Rehgar - Great ability to support and healing.

SPECIALIST: Sylvanas - Increases damage against opponents attack after attack strikes from distance.

MURDERESS: Slayer of Demons: Valla - Damage high and the ability to strike from a distance make Valla one of the most powerful assassins in the game, but try to have on your side a good support for the resistance and the HP of Valla are really scarce.