Homesick (PC) walkthrough - solve all puzzles

Puzzles 1 (Part 1) - The Flowers Blooming

At the beginning of Homesick you wake up in a falling down room. You must bring here the flowers in front of the balcony to blossom in order to progress in the story.

1. Collect the picture with blossoming flowers next to the bed.

2. Open the door to the castle and go out into the corridor.

3. Go left and collect the key in the lock at the end of the corridor.

4. Now go to the door in the next passage of the light-flooded hallway and open it with the key.

5. Take the bucket.

6. Go back to the first room to the start area. There you can fill the bucket with water in the bathtub.

7. Then go with the bucket to flowers and water them.

8. Are they blossomed, placed the picture on the bed, and rest.

Puzzles 2 (Part 2) - Number Combinations

After the first nightmare sequence you find yourself in a room IMT many sofas. At the end you can see some filing cabinets that were locked with combination locks.

1. The number combination is always the number of the tray. So for example, has 14 specialist combining 0014 and Box 53 combining 0053rd.

2. In most subjects find their newspaper articles or old slides.

3. Open compartment 14 with the combination of 0014 to get into the space behind it.

4. Grab the space in the top tool in the corner. Go outside into the hallway and to the right where you can see water dripping from the ceiling. Place the empty bucket underneath.

5. With the tool the bump that forms in the ceiling above the bucket.

6. Enable the light switch on the right (next to the down stairs), then on the way back in the next gear and the second gear of the main room.

7. Take the bucket again and go back to the flowers in the main room.

8. Pour the flowers near the window, the image sets over to the sofa and you rest it then out.

Puzzles 3 (Part 3) - The Gym

After the next nightmare sequence you can access the large gym.

1. First go to the door on the right side and open it.

2. Behind you will find two valves. Operate it and go back outside.

3. To the right you'll find another valve. Also actuates this.

4. Now go further along the gym wall and open each heating valve that you can find.

5. Then the floor is flooded, and the flowers bloom.

6. Make your way then back to the door with the valves.

7. Here You're messing with the image next to the mattress.

Puzzles 4 (Part 4) - Piano Room

Go from the gym along the Corridors to the piano room which you have unlocked in the nightmare sequence.

1. On the right wall of the piano room you will find a sheet on the floor.

2. Then pass on the piano and in the room on the right, where you will find a switch.

3. Now follow the long corridor and take the first door on the left. Here you can find links to the second part of the flower image.

4. Look now at the kids on the other side of the apartment. Change the first three cubes on the floor beside the bed to A, B, and C to make the first letter of the mysterious language indicated.

5. This game repeats with all other cubes in the whole area, study the writings of the library at the control box and from the drawings. As a guide, we give you the translated later of the elevator instructions at hand, which you’ll finds in the switch box. A symbol stands for a letter each.

6. Go to the end of the corridor and open the door right there. Here you find a filing cabinet. The number combination is 3311. This you discover only when you have learned enough letters.

7. Then go with the key to the second locked door and get you behind the water.

8. Now follow the instructions on the switch to activate the elevator. You will receive no indication whether it worked. You see this only in a nightmare.

9. Go to the first room with the block, watering the flowers and go to sleep with the image.

Puzzles 5 (Part 5) - The Mirror

You can wait for the elevator and climb in the elevator shaft in the morning down in the subsequent dream.

1. You see a room with a fountain

2. Grab the busts on the white pillars and throw them all into the water of the fountain.

3. So the water level rises and you can skim it with the bucket.

4. Now watering the flowers around the fountain.

5. Lie down to sleep next to the image on the couch.

6. In nightmare you hit first the main door one outside. Then go back and cut a piece of the now brightly lit door on the right. Behind you see in the mirror.

7. Go one more time to sleep on the couch.

Congratulations! You have completed the Homesick