Lara Croft: Relic Run (Android) review

It is not something new: the big companies, developers and publishers, want to see their sagas converted or adapted to booming and lucrative world of video games for mobile phones. It's a sweet deal, partly because of the small amount of money and time needed to produce these kinds of games and titles, and second, because they provide a huge amount of publicity and media buzz among the players and the media to revitalize the brand presence. Both Assassin's Creed, as Call of Duty and Tekken among many others have enjoyed adaptations of sagas and gameplay on iOS and Android. Tomb Raider has been making its first steps on phones from Apple and with Android operating system, versions of its first releases, which relatively speaking Touch interface, were more than acceptable-but now jumps into the fray with a new story and into the endless runner, a genre very exploited and which it is difficult to highlight.

Career and ruin: the Lara Croft restless

If we were to gather all the ingredients of the saga Lara Croft, it is more likely that they were gathered in this app. Yes, as you are reading. Lara Croft: Relic Run, the famous archaeologist and adventurer condenses all its highlights, all the usual features in their games, and brings together and endorse the genre known endless runner in app format. Most of the time, when it is said, is merely a publicity stunt. In the case of Lara Croft: Relic Run, we believe that we are not untruthful.

The new app from Square Enix - saving the distances - perfectly summarizes those recognizable or visible of the famous franchise grave robber elements. We'll have to go threading our way through exotic locations, full of ruins, temples and lost civilizations -that yes, don’t expect any, exploration, recapitulate with various bosses and discover clues and strange artifacts while porters unload a few enemies and villains from different ilk.

Lara Croft: Relic Run is a complete endless runner, with details that had not seen in other games in the competition. This does not mean they don’t make too gathering of many of the ingredients that don’t quite convince gender-and some of its pitfalls and tricks, but conceal well and engage with its successes, which are numerous. One of them is their rapid approach and the ease with which the player presents Lara Croft possibilities and abilities.

In the app, we will travel from one side to another of the globe, discovering treasures and rescuing amulets, objects and maps from the clutches of some unwanted and bounty hunters. The first mission takes us to the depth of the jungle, inviting us to be quick in our quest in Cambodia, while a series of strange lizard men besiege us and chase each stone temples and galleries, but soon we will see in catacombs, pyramids and filled cities desert sand and dust. The control, based on tactile impulses, is identical to other previously viewed as games go no further Temple Run or Pitfall! , with gestures down, sideways or upwards, allowing jump and perform stunts without diminishing our speed, dodging numerous obstacles from one side to another. Obstacles to be varied, from unfathomable precipice and cliffs, to suspension bridges, through antediluvian traps or earthquakes.

Lara Croft: Relic Run responds very well on the smartphone or tablet screen without lag, strange movements or something very common problems in other games recognition of lower quality. It is true, however, we are talking about a very complicated game the first hurdle, which offers a challenging gameplay fans of the genre, which will get we want to continue throwing game after game until we scored the goal in the particular scenario.

As happens in other similar games, Lara Croft: Relic Run offers a patchwork of different and varied objectives, ranging from collecting coins and jewelry, to do the same tracks and parts of magic and artifacts, which mark the progress in each level and phase. Once we get to collect it all, we have a match against the final boss of the day, it will be a challenge and that will help us remember some of the most memorable moments of the Tomb Raider saga without going further, in the first stage fight against the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex, and most spectacularly so. And that's another attraction: it is an incredibly spectacular game has a sense of action and the superb rhythm, trying to be varied in their development by offering, among other things, steps and paths where we riding vehicles like. Quads or motorcycles which are very fast, and we remain in a sweet tension during its duration.

Lara Croft: Relic Run in turn embraces features that allow us to improve skills and update with better weapons for shooting phases, bulletproof vests, boots or new kits and amulets to revive and continue if we perish on the road without having to restart the stage in full. As we mentioned at the beginning of the analysis, but Lara Croft: Relic Run is a very fresh and new endless runner, still carrying some free-to-play elements, while not bother too-indeed it is unlikely that we see they have to buy coins, gems and power-ups to advance, they are always present.

Graphically it is one of the most spectacular games in the genre, with incredible modeled and modeled textures and high quality. It's amazing the quality with which the world of Lara Croft opens before us, with some visual details that, while not directly affect the gameplay, dazzle. This is indicated by the movement of the leaves of the jungle when Lara goes near them, or the collapse of stones and skeletons when we run to him. The scenarios are varied - forests, temples, deserts, pyramids and buried cities or catacombs, and enemies, whether mummies or lizard men do their jobs. Lara modeling and animation are more than remarkable, picking up its design for this adventure every detail and possible hints of a series with so much mythology behind.

Lara Croft: Relic Run as audiovisual application requires much work, so some smartphones and tablets are left out. The game works on devices like the iPhone 5 and 5S forward-no iPhone 4S-and iPad, the third generation onwards in the latest update though several users complain iPad Mini 2 performance problems. IOS supports Game Center, and in both ecosystems, is translated into Castilian.

Concluding remarks

Lara Croft: Relic Run is an endless runner application that, while not revolutionize the genre, if it provides certain ideal elements to refresh a type of game completely stagnant and exploited to the full. The app includes details worth mentioning all the mythology of Tomb Raider and pursuant compact format, and although there are still elements free-to-play we talked a free of charge download game invites players to enjoy paths and repeated Lara Croft games. Relic Run is an entertaining game, that perhaps deserves the attention of both the casual gamer and the enthusiast and completist of the most famous archaeologist of the world of video games.