Led Zeppelin surprise fans with new songs

The legendary rock band, Led Zeppelin, included unreleased tracks on the reissue of their last albums.

The English rock group Led Zeppelin surprise fans by including unreleased tracks, including "Sugar Mama", recorded at its inception in 1968, in a repeat of their last three albums, which go on sale in late July.

The inclusion of "Sugar Mama" blues-a frenetic rendition of recorded shortly after Jimmy Page founded the group - in the new edition of the album Coda, the last of Led Zeppelin, which went on sale in 1982, is one of the Highlights of this return of the band.

Besides Coda, they will be offered on July 31 in various formats remastered and "Presence" of 1976 and "In Through the Out Door", 1979.

"Presence" will include unreleased instrumental "10 Ribs & All / Carrot Pod Pod" and alternate versions of "For Your Life" and "Royal Orleans", while "In Through the Out Door" has remixes of "All My Love "(entitled" The Hook ") and" I'm Gonna Crawl "(this time titled" Blot ").

Besides "Sugar Mama" Coda - which came two years after the death of the legendary drummer John Bonham in 1980, contains an instrumental hitherto unknown, "St.Tristan's Sword", the result of recordings of the seventies.

Led Zeppelin, one of the groups most influential rock in the history of music, began its campaign reissues in June last year, when they remastered their first three albums, with more publications in chronological order in autumn 2014 and in February.

With information from Efe.