Lego Worlds (PC) tips

Infinity money!

1. To farms / collecting infinity money there is not only one way, but the easiest works as follows:

First build / spawn one before the integrated Lego set, which can be reached at models set in the game. On the property you will now find some things that are Unlockable, one of which is the lamp / lantern. This you can on and off and in quick succession, and when you do that it will drop every time for the on and off about 1000 Studs (Name of currency)!

2. Another good way to quickly get money is following. If you found the article "gun" makes you stick to places where there are many objects (flowers, etc.) then you just shoot it. The game character shoots automatically on all destructible objects and the money that is properly drop "hinge sucks". So you can only on the spot lumbers all small and get money for it. So within a short time you earn 60 000 studs.

Clear / Delete Worlds!

In Lego Worlds delete works as follows:

1. Presses Windows key + R - It opens a window called "Run"

2. Enter in the windows “AppData” and confirms

3. A new window opens in Windows Explorer Here you have the folder "Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment"

4. In the folder you click through: Lego Worlds - SavedGames - Slot1

5. To the conclusion you have to in the folder that has a combination of numbers as a name! Example: 2766509057

6. If everything works, you should have now your world in the form of folders, see, then simply delete!