Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (MGS 5) new info

Note: Some information in this article comes from the official magazine of PlayStation and Xbox in the UK.

This may be Kojima's last Metal Gear. Although his departure expected sooner or later, we still have hopes of seeing the series in other hands but under his supervision; this is no longer so. At least the intention of Kojima Productions, according to leaks, is clear: give the best Metal Gear to make it possible in the memory and raise the bar for what comes next. The Phantom Pain promises to be very special for the players, close a stage director and mark a turning point in Konami. Be positive or not, we'll know in the next few years.

Metal Gear Solid V plays and controls broadly similar to Ground Zeroes but brings radical change of the open world. Even Ground Zeroes, which stops not much similar to several areas without intermediate load Snake Eater enclosure, gives an idea of all the possibilities of The Phantom Pain and variety of planned or fortuitous events that we find in its extension.

Incurable sequels Ground Zeroes

Before entering Afghanistan stony ground we pick up the story from the point where it was Ground Zeroes. Big Boss Kaz-now Venom Snake- and suffered an accident that leaves the protagonist in a coma for nine years. It will cause physical scars on his body, like a robotic arm and shrapnel embedded in his skull that resembles a horn devil. Mentally he thinks he is the germ of the enemy we met on MSX.

The Phantom Pain begins with scenes trailer that showed the fictional Moby Dick Studios: an escape from the hospital with disabilities in the midst of strange hallucinations. A prologue about an hour that promises to discover the most surreal and dark side of Metal Gear. According to official PlayStation and Xbox magazines in the UK, which have provided the details of this Article shall be a scene to remember. During these days Pre E3 game details will be announced.

The success of the television series has influenced the presentation of The Phantom Pain, which this time will not look askance at both movies but the episodic development. The missions are so called - episodes- and include the credits of its creators and characters in it. Will have to see if along the road this format like, but keep in mind that we do not speak of a linear adventure and looking like emphasize more the main missions, you can make multiple optional tasks. If Ground Zeroes has provided tens of hours to many fans, is not so unreasonable to think that The Phantom Pain exceed one hundred.

While the story still remains fairly secretive although generally know what will pass, we had many questions about aspects that we consider essential in a Metal Gear, as the charisma of the villains. They put the point of fantasy to trap apart from other games realistic espionage, and thanks to his incredible skills lead to very spectacular fighting against bosses. Would MGS 2 so fantastic without Vamp? And MGS 3 without the Cobra Unit? No player has forgotten Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf or the final battle of MGS 4.

In The Phantom Pain already we know to drive more headaches going to cause the Parasite parasite Unit. They are a type of biomechanical "impossible to kill" almost superhuman speed zombies with super soldiers traveling in a sandstorm. It is said to be as personal unit Liquid Ocelot, the FROG in supernatural version. We will meet with them soon and promise to give great satisfaction in both sequences, which this time will have a much lower weight than we're used to in Kojima- and gameplay.

Infiltration with allies

A new feature of The Phantom Pain is the use of partners in our missions of infiltration. In preparing these events, in addition to choosing the equipment or the character to overcome work-as in the portable MGS, Snake Venom is overwhelmingly even better-we can choose a companion who will help us in the displacement or so Active in action.

The first of these assistants is D-Horse, Mare white hair that appears in a multitude of videos of gameplay. It has multiple uses, as demonstrated in an E3 Kojima, because we can hang down on the side and go unnoticed in the eyes of the soldiers, who think it is a wild horse. It is the most basic aid needed to go a stage that it would be endless walk.

Quiet is the mysterious sniper of scantily clad and fewer words. It is easy to lose an ally, but if you get to join you will provide information by iDroid bases, for example highlighting the location of enemies. If you want a good position for her, you can take out targets with a rifle and clear your way. Apparently, she does have lower staff morale at the base.

Diamond Dog, or D-Dog for friends, is a wild dog to be found in one of the missions, but like Quiet, you can lose if you do not pay attention to a little puppy who has lost his flock. Fulton Use the globe to be careful at the base, do spend some time and this mutt will become a great ally able to attack enemies and locate objects in the scene-plants, ammunition, diamonds ... -.

Also seen in trailers, and less charismatic than the other fellow-more than anything because it is a vehicle-is the D-Walker, an armed biped robot enemies often used. You can buy them temporarily, but there is a specific mission where you can make and develop your own. The advantages are many: weapons protecting people can be moved to load and speed. Of course, take their full potential through improvements it will consume many resources from our base, although it seems worth the effort.

The open world your playground

This open world is the natural evolution of the ideas seen in Peace Walker. As in many other action titles of the same type, you can take the direct path and reach the end of the game without exploring all the land without seeing their secrets and parallel adventures, undeveloped just based staff and kidnapped animals by balloons Fulton. In that case it would be like Peace Walker experience, yet with many possibilities and creativity to infiltrate and anytime.

If we decide to investigate two maps of Afghanistan and the border between Angola and Zaire, which added other smaller, ambition of The Phantom Pain, its graphics engine and the developmental years is explained. There are dozens of military bases, forts, buildings or cities that dominate different size and interest, connected by rudimentary roads that can be traveled in vehicles taken by force or as a stowaway. Or maybe take the horse and cut across the fields and mountains. While these areas do not have the extent or complexity of the field of Ground Omega -the Zeroes-, all are different and force us to memorize the route patrols and behaviors by time. In the story missions there are also free, though once begins, we will not go very far from the place or the mission will be aborted.

One of the consequences of the world is connected and realistic enemy troops are reinforcing troops near bases and units not appear "out of nothing". After Metal Gear concealits appearance limiting the number of forwards for example, if you started to kill the waves of mercenaries, a necessary deception Fun In The Phantom Pain every soldier is unique and this causes a chain reaction. If you remove Nearby easy bases difficult, you avoid receiving reinforcements. You can also plant traps - explosives- routes that you predict will come. Or if you prefer to deal with the situation in a less bloody way, deviate attention at a place close by calling the helicopter, or launching a vehicle with C4 against the near border post, and leave unprotected the really interests us.

In Far Cry 4 taking communication towers had the effect of extending the area of influence of a pirate radio channel in MGS V will have a very practical function: to prevent help messages between the camps. Destroy generators and you turn out the annoying lights, making the fixed arms - enemy mortars and sub-machine guns - use them. As we see, The Phantom Pain is not inventing anything that has not been done before, but everything seems to fit naturally into the world of the series, where stealth is as important as ever, more than ever strategy and action an option Funny you definitely want to try some of your games.

The order of the tasks will also be to our liking, however the range is opening to complete the main or overcome a certain amount of them. Optional can also unlock new episodes of history -or completing events-so players "in a hurry" be left in the pipeline part of the adventure.

The replay will be more evident than ever. And not just those secrets that you discover certainly not in one or two passes, but because the missions have a number of secondary objectives that meet only to be completed the first time. It may consist locate hidden diamonds or rescue hostages, and some of them are so hard to have to wait to upgrade your equipment to have any chance. You will repeat for squeezing The Phantom Pain or its extras, including audio tapes -the main source to know the background of history and plans for our engineers are based.

Can Kojima Productions offer a wide range of missions in his first sandbox? It seems so, from kidnap soldiers very valuable to our cause-for example, translators or technicians, targeted assassinations, collecting animals for the zoo's headquarters or retrieve mates Ground Zeroes incident. Recall that MGS V uses a system similar to Portable Ops and Peace Walker base, have more troops on our side especially good level-or-the major contenders of supplies- equipment reverts to generate more equipment or upgrade arm Venom Snake which is in itself a tool and weapon to climb rocks or electric shocks. The Fulton system can be improved to load large objects.

Mother base will be expanded customizable and department as it grows in facilities and staff. Medical platforms, combat, research and development, intelligence, support ... A level, more production, air support, manufacture of new weapons or sending units on missions. Indeed, it sounds very similar to those mentioned Metal Gear PSP, and in principle is a game mode very useful but not essential except perhaps as basic-. But there is an important novelty: the online rounds.

Our database allows users to invade, and they come into our facilities. This online function that inevitably recalls the fighting in the RPG from From Software is optional and if you wish, you can keep your game completely isolated from attacks, but it also prevents you can enter the world of another player and get advanced equipment that may You can not develop at that time. As a Souls, the connection has its advantages and disadvantages.

Kojima's farewell in style

Little information before the imminent launch? Being a game Hideo Kojima himself. But even that seems positive. After seeing other Metal Gear material which showed almost all scenes, villains, fighting and turns, the mystery which takes The Phantom Pain can be very positive. In addition makes clear that the main objective is to sell the game for his new playable and not for the curiosity of seeing closed the timeline of the saga.

On September 1 we will have the complete picture of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and do not forget, the new version of Metal Gear Online which almost deserves its own article The parting of the universe BigBoss / Solid Snake as we know it. You can not paint better.