Project Cars (PC) tire types

I found the following tire types been confusing so I once tried Google and found out what the different now and made a list of them.

Some Road / Racing Cars:

- Pirelli P Zero: Street Sport tire with a high profile, well in the rain, poor in dry conditions than the other two.

- Pirelli P Zero Corsa: Half a racing tire, in the dry better than P Zero, with a lower profile. Also useful in the rain in my opinion.

- Pirelli P Zero Trofeo: racing tires with very low profile, poor in rain, very well in the dry.

Some Road Cars:

- (Masculin / Faretti) UHP Summer: Comparable to P Zero.

- (Mascullin / Faretti) XR (Extreme) Summer: Comparable to P Zero Corsa.

- (Masculin / Faretti) Track: Comparable to P Zero Trofeo.

In The Old Formula Cars:

- Formula 1974 and 1972 Slick: Typical slicks to use only in dry conditions. No significant difference notice between the two.

- Vintage Formula 1970, 1968 and 1967: Apparently all are the same profile and are therefore in the rain better than the slicks. Otherwise, as with the slicks no real difference recognizable.

Cosworth 78:

- Formula 1977 Slick and L78 Slick: After a few test rounds is the L78 Slick the winner. More grip, better handling. The Formula 1977 Slick is quite vague. Both, of course, only in dry conditions, otherwise the Rain type.

Mercedes Benz C-Coupe DTM:

- Yiro Venio Race and Yiro Venio RacePlus: Plus is slightly better at everything, but faster wear, a qualifying tire and for a very short race.

BAC Mono: (actually clearly but I still wanted to add to the list)

- Kumho V70A Prime and Kumho V70A Supersoft: The Supersoft warms up faster, has better grip, better curve speed and stability. The invitational race with this car in career mode is short, so actually worth getting the Supersoft. The automatic selection takes all appearances rather the Prime.

McLaren F1:

- CTR Denloc D40 and McLaren F1: After test in the dry and rainy, I found the McLaren F1 tires better than the CTR Denloc C40 in both conditions. Simply providing more grip.

Then of course there are the Normal Race Tires:

- Slicks generally: profile tubeless tires, which are used in the dry, not suitable for wet track. Depending on the degree of hardness to grip, wear and heat changes:

- Soft: Best Grip, heats up quickly, faster wear.

- Medium: less grip, heated slower than soft last longer than soft.

- Hard: even less grip than medium heats up more slowly than medium keeps all slicks longest.

Intermediate: For light rain and a drying track. Is also good for a couple of laps in the dry, if then the rain starts, wears in the dry but quickly (4-5 rounds on a normal long distance).

Rain (Full Wet): For a very wet track as thunderstorms and heavy rain. Wear in dry within 1-2 rounds.

This information is currently (as of 14.06.2015) are only valid in the garage or in front of a race. With a pit stop only a general terms be defined which is quite confusing. Basically, if a car has only one kind of slick, then it does not matter whether you choose in the box soft, medium or hard, it's always the same. So it is with only one type rain tires, then it is also no matter whether you choose in the box wet or extreme wetness, is also the same. This could possibly be patched by the time you read this.