Puzzle and Dragons Z (P&DZ) tips

Talisman of the day

Every day (based on the player) can be picked up (m / f) his allowance in his / her father in the temple of the player's young character.

There you can also use other talismans when standing next to Dame.

The Talisman of the day of the week depending on:

- Monday - Shadow chips - purple
- Tuesday - Fire chips - red
- Wednesday - Water chips - blue
- Thursday - wood chips - green
- Friday - Light chips - yellow
- Saturday and Sunday is the Forest of energy sources with Mythlit accessible.

The level determines oneself (beginners etc.) and therefore the value of the chips.

How to obtain a Skydragon Egg

One must only defeat the Red dark Skydragon, El Dorado to obtain an egg. Probably you have to try it more often, but for me it worked the first time.