Scribblenauts Unlimited (3DS) object fragments / shards

Everyone has determined before randomly receive one, but to get all is quite difficult, I'm talking about the object fragments (shards), parts of Starites you get when you do things quite determine.

Since the conditions laid down in the game (found in the Start menu under Splitter) themselves are not always entirely clear course, I once created a list that should help everyone to get all 217 Splitter. It is sorted by category. Furthermore, a lot of fun with the game.

Category Life

Create a cow

Create a red cow

Create an egg and a heater

Create the Headless Horseman and give him his head

Create a pirate and a ninja

Create a garden gnome and make him alive

Create a skeleton and make it alive

Create A duck Reuse and make them alive

Create a puppet and make them alive

Create a duck call, then Create a duck and play the whistle

Create a wingless bird and then a bell: they ring the bell

Create Icarus and then Create a sun in its proximity

Build a chicken coop and bring into a cock

Create 2 people in the immediate vicinity. Let them both be dishonest.

Create a gold pot. Empty it. Then Create a Leprechaun.

Create a full moon. Create a beauty queen. Let them be like a werewolf.

Create a grave. Then Create a grave robber.

Create an emcee. Then Create a subscriber.

Create a dog trainer. Create then a stupid dog.

Create a General. Create then a corporal.

Create Don Quixote. Then Create a wound mill.

Create a roller skating rink. Then Create 2 skate riders.

Create a lion tamer. Then Create a lion.

Create a lion again. Do it quietly.

Then Create a Torero. Create a bull.

Create a training camp. Then create a soldier.

Create a birdcage. Create a canary and put him into it.

Create a trough. Create then a horse.

Create a magic lamp. Wish you then something from the genie.

Create a walrus. Create then a carpenter.

Create one of the developers. Select and enter a name from the credits.

Category Food

Create a loaf of bread. Lifting him. Create a cat. Combine both.

Create an egg. Break it then.

Create again a loaf of bread and give it to your character. Create cheese. Combine both.

Create an angel. Create an angel cake and give it to the angel.

Create devil cake. Create a daemon. Give him the cake.

Create cookie dough. Create a cookie cutter. Use it with the dough.

Create an ice machine. Use them.

Create a baby. Create a lollipop and giving it to the baby.

Create an ice cream truck. Create a child. Match the melody of the ice cream truck.

Create a rubber chicken and pick it up. Create a rubber duck. Let them interact.

Build a spice rack. Create a spice and place it on the shelf.

Create a table. Create a sauceboat. Place them on the table.

Create a salt shaker and a pepper mill and add them side by side.

Create a cookie jar. Empty it.

Create a gumball machine. Use it.

Create Root Beer. Build an ice cream and take it. Combine both.

Create honey. Create then a honey badger.

Create fries. Create garlic and take it. Combine both.

Create a cash register, a shopping cart and a Cornflakes box. Unpack the box in the cart. Run to the checkout.

Create a mortar and a pestle and give this character. Use both together.

Create a cake stand. Creating a cake and place it on the stand.

Create honey. Create near a bear.

Create a mailbox. Create a coconut and pack it in the mailbox.

Create dough, then Create a rolling pin and smoothing the dough.

Create a coffee and interact with it.

Create a toaster. Create bread and pack it in the toaster.

Create a waffle iron and interact with it.

Create a dehydrator. Create 2 grapefruits and pack them into the dehydrator. Empty it afterwards.

Category Vehicles

Create a witch's broom and sit on him.

Create a backpack helicopter and use it.

Create a tanker. Get in and use it then.

Create a hover board. Use it.

Create a hot air balloon. Hop in,

Create a tandem. Create a cyclist and sit him on the tandem. Sit down to.

Create a hearse. Create a simple coffin. Put it in the car.

Create a rescue helicopter. Create a medic. Place him in the helicopter.

Create an ambulance. Create a medic again. Place him in the car.

Create a sled. Hop in.

Create A Platform. Hop in. Use them.

Create a biplane. Hop in.

Create a police car. Hop in. Use the siren.

Create a fire truck. Create a firefighter and let him go.

Create a police car. Create a policeman and let him go.

Create a dump. Create a garbage truck. Pack rubbish in the car, drive to the dump.

Build a yacht. Drive it.

Create a houseboat. Drive it.

Create an airboat. Drive it.

Create a lifeboat. Drive it.

Create ski and ski pole and give it to your character.

Create a golf cart. Drive it.

Create a Chariot. Drive so.

Category Music

Create a Piano. Create a tuning key and use it at the piano.

Create a vuvuzela. Games you.

Create a music box. Use them.

Create a Gramophone, then a record. Use the record at Gramophone.

Create a harmonica and play them.

Create a musician and give him an accordion.

Create a flute and a snake. Match the flute for the snake.

Create a conch and play.

Create a man and a gong. Create then a hammer and give him the man.

Create a bagpipe and play it.

Create a Fidel and a daemon. Give him the Fidel.

Create a didgeridoo and play.

Create a drum set. Sit on it and play.

Create an angel and give him a harp.

Create a piano bench and then a piano in front of it. Sit down and play the piano.

Create a dog whistle and a dog whistle the Dog. Game.

Create a non-singing person. (Eg beekeepers). Make it an auto-tuned beekeepers.

Create a guitar case and then place a submachine gun in it.

Create a composer and sheet music. Give the sheet music composer.

Create a whoopee cushion and use it.

Create a trumpet holder. Then place a trumpet on it.

Create a tape recorder + cassette. Pack the cassette into the recorder, remove it then.

Create a pianist and a metronome. Lifting the metronome on and give it to the pianist.

Create a piano and a tuning fork. Use it with the piano.

Create a clown and a slide whistle. Take the flute and give it to the clown.

Category Technology

Create a dishwasher and a dirty plate. Pack the dishes in the dishwasher.

Create a mousetrap and a mouse nearby.

Create a TV and a remote control. Use the operation of the TV.

Create a CB radio and use it.

Create a deaf man. Create then a hearing aid and give it to him.

Create a sleeping person and an alarm clock.

Create a cell phone and use it.

Create a fire alarm and then place a fire in the vicinity.

Create a Toe nail clipper and a person. Use the clipper at the person.

Create a gaming machine and use it.

Create a pencil sharpener and a pencil. Then use the pencil sharpener.

Create a kiln and clay. Place the clay into the furnace and then empty it.

Create a loom and use him.

Create a vending machine and a penny. Fill the machine on with the penny.

Create a bookmaker and a PC. Put the PC in the vicinity the book maker.

Create a safe and a burglar. The rest happens by itself.

Create a giant particle accelerator and use him ... and keep my distance.

Create a cloning machine and thwart any person. Clone them.

Create a washing machine and money. Put the money in the machine.

Create a smoke alarm and place a fire in the vicinity.

Create a typewriter and use it.

Create a pinball and play with it.

Create a rowing machine and use it.

Create a lampshade and a baseball bat and add them together.

Create a streetlight and use it.

Create the game Scribblenauts.

Category Weapons

Create a camel. Ride on it and let it spit.

Create bug spray and a wasp. Sprinkles the wasp.

Create a potato cannon and attack something.

Create a tank and fire a shot.

Create TNT and activate it. Then keep my distance.

Create a tank and an anti-tank grenade. The tank with the grenade.

Create firecrackers and use them.

Build a wooden stake and a vampire. Cross at the vampire.

Create a drover and a cow.

Build a tree and a chainsaw. Case the tree.

Create a silver (claw) hammer.

Create a flamethrower and use him.

Create a sniper and a shooting range in the nearby.

Create a crossbow and a target. Cross at this.

Create cupid bow and cross someone on it.

Create Holy Water and a zombie. Give it to the zombie.

Create a nail gun and a target, grasping at this.

Create a people and a tranquilizer gun. Cross the man on it.

Create a Necronomicon, take it on and use it.

Create a magic wand and cross something to it.

Create a lance and a Cyclops. Cross the Cyclops on.

Create a fencer and a sword. Cross with his sword.

Create scissors and paper. Use both together.

Create a sniper rifle and a can. Grasping the outlet.

Create a sheet and an apple. Grasping the apple.

Create a box and a crowbar, then cross to the box.

Category Dresses

Create springy shoes and give them to your character.

Create a frog costume and drag it to.

Create a semi-Ling and a ring. Give him the ring.

Create a police badge and a police officer. Give him the mark.

Create an athlete and a gold medal and give it to the athletes.

Create a banana costume and put it on. Then Create A Maraca and put it.

Create a bee costume and drag it to. Then Create a beehive in your area.

Create a hat and a hat stand. Put the hat on, take it off and hang it on the hat stand.

Create a shoebox and shoes. Pack your shoes in the box.

Create a hot dog costume and wear it.

Create a laundry basket and a dirty pants. Place the pants in the basket.

Create a bee costume and make you a dancing bee.

Create a bib and wear it.

Create a black belt and wear it.

Create a rabbit costume and wear it.

Create a mortar board and put him on.

Create a cheerleading outfit and pulling it on.

Create a cook costume and drag it to.

Create a firefighter uniform and put on him.

Create a pair of pajamas and put on him.

Create a referee uniform and put on them.

Create snowshoes and carry them.

Build a boat and a Life jacket. Dress them then take the boat.

Create a grill and an apron. Put them on and turn on the grill.

Create oven gloves and a hot cake. Take the cake in his hand.

Category Miscellaneous

Create a toilet and use it.

Create a toilet and try to use it.

Create a man and let him be scribble.

Create a dance floor and a dancer who dances it.

Create a sandbox.

Create a rain stick and use it.

Create a barn and give her a different color.

Create one day care center and a baby. Put into the baby.

Create fireworks and burn them.

Create war (the Horsemen) and give it a peace dove.

Create a crow, then Create a scarecrow.

Create an actress and a price. Give it to her.

Create a weaver and yarn. Give it to him.

Create a leprechaun and a shamrock. Give it to him.

Create a magic wand and fool's gold. Attack the gold with the rod.

Create a dish and then a judge.

Create Shakespeare and a script. Give it to him.

Create a hula dancer and a mature hula. Give the tires the dancers.

Create a defender and a piece of evidence. Give it to him.

Create a simple block.

Create a pew and sit down.

Build the ark and open it.

Build the Trojan horse and empty it.

Create a chessboard and a (game) stone. Place the piece on the board.

Create a recycling bin and paper. Pack the paper in the bin.

Create a piggy bank and a hammer. Cross the piggy bank on.

Create a bowling ball and a cone. Take the ball and throw it to the cone.

Create a ping pong table. Now Create a Ping-Pong ball: let him fall on the plate.

Create a tennis ball and a tennis racket, give him your character. Blow the ball.

Create a toilet and a toilet brush. Use the brush in the toilet.

Create a hammock and lie down in.