Splatoon Wii U tips

Credits and minigame

Defeat the boss and talk to the squid to receive a stone Octovalley. You will see the credits and access to an extra mini paint.

Unlockable Outfits

Defeat the final boss in the campaign to unlock Hero Suit, Suit Replica and Octoling in multiplayer. Each set of Outfit includes hat, shirt and shoes.

Unlock Weapon

To kill a boss in each of the scenarios you receive a papyrus as a reward. Take the object to the gun shop to unlock 7 bonus weapons. They have level requirements in multiplayer.

MG Aerospray
Octowhirl (level 7)

RG Aerospray
Octowhirl (level 13)

Custom Splattershot Jr.
Octostomp (level 2)

Dynamo Roller
Octobot King (Level 15)

Gold Dynamo Roller
Octobot King (Level 20)

Kelp Splat Charger
Octonozzle (level 4)

New Squiffer
Octomaw (level 11)

Reference to Wii U

Outside of Battle Dojo in Inkopolis, looks out the window to see a Wii U gamepad and a gray Controller Pro left. On the right you will see the black version.

References to Mario and Zelda

Underpass Urchin On the map you can find retro style mosaics that refer to Mario and The Legend Of Zelda, the two best known sagas of Nintendo.