Sylvio (PC) beginner's guide

Sylvio is a horror adventure game by discovering its anomalies and explore, or you can also contact with spirits. What tools you have it available and what options you else the game offers, you can read here!


The most important instrument is the microphone which equips you with the default key "1".

Three functions are assigned to it:

- Once you have a specific goal, the microphone will display, how far you are away from it.

- It can also be hidden voice messages from ghosts and dead people can find that you can decrypt it using the audio device as long as the message is not clear.

- The third and final function of the instrument helps you crack the safe.

Audio Device

The audio unit will play recorded messages from spirits and is also used to decrypt it. Not all messages are recorded slowly and clearly and understand.

So you can use the audio device to play an audio file slow, normal or fast. The same is true when rewinding a file.

Have you played back the message at the right speed, so write your protagonist this to the document, which also used to play the audio files.

Usually it is in the news for any information which you can then pursue.


The firearm you will receive just after the first "chapter". Your magazine holds 10 rounds, which you can use for two different types of ammunition.


With "Spuds" you can indeed destroy any abnormalities, but in some situations you can order Pokes or move objects.

Sharp Objects:

The sharp objects such as nails and broken glass, suitable for the injury or destruction of your enemies.

In addition, you will find Sometimes doses similar containers, magazine, for your weapon.


If you want to crack a safe, you may have your microphone to take your hand and press the left mouse button. At the same time it rotates with the standard "E" key, the combination lock. Do you hear a click, the "E" key as soon as possible let off again and repeats the process twice. Have you done everything right, the safe should automatically open.

In the second "chapter" you have to repair, which you are allowed to drive in the next car. Your vehicle can you bridge faster faraway distances. You can see it at any time leave to you to look closer. Should you do so, your car will be marked so that you can find it at any time

Black Orb

The Black Orb anomaly resembles an opaque and larger than life big bubble. The closer they come to you, the louder and the noise that you perceive. They can appear suddenly and even walls do not keep them on. A hit with your ranged weapon and the right ammunition it holds.

She leaves behind a ghost message to the place where she died.

The Giant

A giant black as night and may be apparently different sexes. They move slowly, which is why you, as long as you don’t hold in tight spaces, always can take enough distance from them. You put a lot more damage than a the Black Orb anomalies.

Die, so also leave a message!


The protagonist is almost immortal. Unless it comes too close to an anomaly. If this is the case, you find yourself at the beginning of the "chapter" again. All hitherto fulfilled tasks remain to you but fortunately survived. Only the way you have to put back.

A fall from a height submit yourself to no harm.