The Witcher 3: final endings guide - the most important decisions

Who will win the war? What happens to Ciri? And Geralt will ever lead a happy relationship? Here you can learn the different / alternative endings of the Witcher 3!

Many decisions in The Witcher 3 affect the conclusion of the story. Overall, the game offers ten different endings that can change its many dialogues in details.

Keira Metz

A new friend:
After the Battle of Kaer Morhen to Keira befriend the sorcerer Lambert, who henceforth accompanied, if you have the two earlier "to promote education" persuaded during the side quest to go to Kaer Morhen.

Death by Fire:
Keira is convinced to change her attitudes towards Radovid’s magical powers. That is costly: If you "to promote education" agree waiting in the side quest that she goes to Radovid, it ends at the stake.

For completeness: you should have Keira in the quest line "a tower full of rats" kill, they later of course missing.

Sara the Godling

Confidence in the Godling:
If you 'dream in Novigrad “with Sara meet an agreement in the course of the main quest, she will remain in a dream house in Novigrad, where she lives with Corinne.

You should have Sara during the Quest "dreams in Novigrad" kick out, she will be banned from the dream home in Novigrad. In this case, she emerged during the main quest "The bald mountain" again; now she has met Hansi and befriended him.

The Bloody Baron

Remorse and madness:
If Geralt in the main quest "The Whispering Hillock" the tree spirit destroyed and the side quest has successfully completed "return to hump swamp", the Baron brings his mad wife in the Blue Mountains.

The Hanged Man:
If Geralt have in the main quest "The Whispering Hillock" the tree spirit freed and successfully completed "return to hump swamp", hanged himself the Baron, as his wife Anna turned into a monster and die.

Whoreson Junior?

Another man:
If Geralt in the main quest "Find Junior" decide to do the real whoreson, there is a Doppler named Dudu as a Whoreson from junior.

A pathetic creature:
If Geralt is under the main quest "Find Junior" decide to spare whoreson, demanding the perils of the next few weeks and the wrath of the Big Four his toll - in the end - finish up whoreson Junior in the gutter.

All aboard for Kovir:
If you "now or never" completed successfully, thus preventing you the side quest that the magician Radovid destroyed, the king directed his anger instead on nonhumans. Wizards, however, are safe for now.

At stake:
If Geralt has not completed or not completed successfully, the side quest "Now or never", Radovid continues its hunt continued on the magician. Novigrad is a death trap for those with psychic abilities.

Ruler of Novigrad and Velen

If Geralt ignores all Assassin quests and side quest "reason of state" has not completed or not completed successfully, Radovid will defeat the Nilfgaardian in the south and rise to the ruler.

If Geralt has completed all Assassin quests and side quest "reason of state" and stood on Dijkstra's side, the Emperor is repulsed in battle and falls Radovid the Assassins victim. The Emperor is consolidating his rule and industrialization begins.

Emyhr var Emreis:
Geralt has successfully completed all Assassin quests and side quest "reason of state" and placed on the side of Vernon Roche and Thaler, Radovid falls victim to the assassin and Emreis' troops conquer the Northern Kingdoms. After that Temeria regain his land, Emreis his forces ultimately leads elsewhere.

Kaiser Emhyr var Emreis

Emyhr var Emreis lives:
If Emyhr var Emreis is ruler of Novigrad and Velen, he directed his anger after defeating Radovid’s forces against those who have turned against him (soldiers and aristocrats), and makes up no prisoners.

Emyhr var Emreis dies:
If Radovid or Dijkstra reign over Novigrad and Velen, come on hard times Emreis. His subjects are just so long devoted to him, as his triumph lasted, but after several defeats discontent is spreading among men: Emyhr var Emreis is killed by angry mob.

The Rulers of Skellige

Cerys an Craite
Do you have the clan to-Craite quest completed and provided to you during the "List of the King" on the side of Cerys flowers Skellige under her rule on significantly since the new queen would rather take care of her people, rather than to invade foreign lands ,

Hjalmar an Craite
If Geralt the clan to Craite quests completed and arose during the "List of the King" in Hjalmar's side, swears Hjalmar to plunder the coasts of the hated Empire Nilfgaard even after the end of the war every spring and burn, which can be burned down - regardless of the high price that his own people will pay for it.

Svanrige Bran:
If Geralt ignore the clan to-Craite-side quest "The List of the king" or not complete successfully, not a member of Craite family but Svanrige Bran comes to power. As the young king of the constant feuds of Jarl's tired, he introduces an absolutist monarchy, which he bought with the blood of his countrymen.

The fate of Ciri
Ciris history is the focus of The Witcher 3, so the decisions around the young Sorceress have the greatest impact on the end. The most important decisions are:

1) After the Battle of Kaer Morhen: snowball play (positive) or talk to Ciri.
2) Bring Ciri with her father Emhyr or not.
3) If you decide to bring them to Emhyr: accept a reward or not (positive).
4) Ciri to Skjalls grave accompany (positive) or not.
5) Allow Ciri to destroy AvallacsLabor (positive enter the trailer).
6) Ciri let her go alone to the lodge (positive) or accompany them.

Ciri dead:
If you the epilogue "ending Something - something begins" with more negative than positive decision during the main storyline "blood on the battlefield", "final preparations" and "Preparing for Battle" closes, Ciri is still missing after the events in Undvik. It is believed that she died. Geralt chasing the last remaining aunt and capture this Ciris Medallion. The sorcerer remains sad and broken.

Ciri Becomes Empress of Nilfgaard
Upon his return to Nilfgaard Ciri succeeds Emyhr var Emreis, of course, hoping to bring something good. To achieve this end, you have the epilogue "Something begins, something ends (II)" have been completed for the battle "with more positive than negative decisions during the main storyline" blood on the battlefield "," final preparations "and" preparations. In addition, Emhyr during the main quest must have paid a visit to "blood on the battlefield" and Radovid must be dead (which means that you must have mastered her side quest "reason of state"). In addition, you have to get to the site of Roche and Thaler beat.

Ciri, Geralt accompanied on his adventures:
For this, you have the epilogue "Something begins, something ends (III)" with more positive than negative decisions during the main storyline "blood on the battlefield", "final preparations" and complete "Preparing for Battle". In addition, you are in the main quest "blood on the battlefield," not gone to Emyhr var Emreis. Ciri proposes again the path of the sorcerer and joins Geralt; so they pull together for a while around the country.

Geralt's love life

A future with Triss:
If Geralt "now or never" successfully completed the side quest and Triss has stood by his love, Geralt can be with her in the far Kovir down where await him occasional jobs and a small fortune, as Triss was appointed to the magical adviser of the king of Kovir , To achieve this end, you have possibly also the overture of Yennefer during the side quest "The Last Wish" have rejected.

If Geralt "The Last Wish" has successfully concluded and decided the side quest to stay together with Yennefer, lead the two henceforth a quiet, peaceful life in a romantic escapade. For this you have to get possibly "The Last Wish" have also resist the overtures of Triss during the side quest.

Forever alone:
Geralt remains true to his roots, still roams destitute by the land and works as a monster hunter. That end occurs when he has both the side quests "The Last Wish" and "now or never" completed and declared both Triss and Yennefer that he loves her. A love triangle is not possible! Alternatively, Geralt can also just split up with two ladies and pursue no romance - also in the case he remains alone.