The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - create and apply Oils in arms

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt brings a vast open world full of activities, customization options and crafting systems. Developed by the studio CD Projekt RED, the game was released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on Tuesday (19). To better prepare for the clashes against powerful aberrations, there are oils for each type of creature.

Check out our tutorial on how to create Oils and apply them in armaments.

Geralt of Rivia The protagonist is able to create oils, potions, bombs and many other elements. The oils are essential items, since they can be applied in a sword to increase attack power against a specific creature.

There are several formulas oils spread across the Nordic kingdoms of the RPG, as oil, Spectral, Beast, Hybrid, scavenger etc. If you do not know the race of an opponent, you can study it through the "Bestiary," a guide of monsters available in the "Glossary".

If you do not have so much work scouring every centimeter of scenarios to find the formulas, open the world map and locate the icon indicating "Alchemical Supplies" (along the way, new locations can be unlocked to purchase alchemical ingredients and as some change of place).

After that, find the merchant and initiate a dialogue to know all the items on stock. Once the window with accessories appears, there will be some diagrams with oils of formulas available for purchase.

When buying a formula and learn the recipe for creating a particular oil, it is registered in the inventory by the end of the game. To replenish the reserve, just use the system of meditation.

First of all, it is worth remembering that the Butcher of Blaviken can not apply oil during combat. This means that you need to apply it prior to the desired weapon, even before the start of the battle.

Open the "Inventory", identify the tab "usable", press the "Apply oil" option ("X" on the PlayStation 4 and "A" on Xbox One) and choose the sword that you want to strengthen. Note in the image that the beast of oil was applied in the Silver Sword, now marked with a small white mark on the bottom left. Remember that the oils increase the attack power for only a limited number of strokes.