The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (PC) tips

Farm Rare Red Mutagen Fast

Many people know the message with the Harpies, unfortunately I got no red mutagen even after 1h, so I accidentally found another solution.

First you need to map of Velen, where there is in the extreme southeast a billboard. If you're there, run straight towards the north until you come to the bank, where you will see a small boat. Follow the shore a few meters to the left and then to the north, always close to the shore, so right on the water.

After about 200 steps you will find 3 bodies, in whose vicinity a Level 18er "Drowned Dead" about running.

This is your goal that good thing about the opponent is that he properly drop a mutagen to 100%, and mostly it's a red, with me in 3 of 5 cases.

Have you done this, run another 100 steps to the north along the shore, you will see 18er opponents of this type another boat including said level, only this one has a few Level 15er "Moor mermaids" here.

Once all dead, CA Run 100 steps inland, store and load the Score. Thus, the enemy spawns new and you can do it again and loot. This process can be repeated any number of times.

So you can farm the extremely rare red mutagen very fast.

Save 1000 Crowns

When crossing the "last" area of search of Ciri, Skellige, you cannot drum to pay around the Ship Captain 1000 crowns for the crossing. Small spoiler: The ship is attacked and capsized.

After you wash up on the beach of Skellige, look around good! Around the capsized ship there to pick up countless goods, a monster nest has also taken on the shipwreck wide and - if their surroundings have looked through exactly discovere corpse Ship Captain hidden behind a small boat, which still 1000 crowns has in itself.

Queen & Igni - Fight Tips

After the first hour, you will already have the first time fighting with larger opponents masses (For example necrophages in missionary family affairs from the Bloody Baron in Velen) I have 2 to 3 attempts needed and had already run away from the battle to meditate one hour ( = Full Health).

What has helped me tremendously: Before the fight I Queen (wards) effect on me and I immediately Igni equipped. Now I have thrown myself into the ground and blows fought using faster (square button). After 2 combos made a flying leap backwards (X button) and Igni worked. So you can connect it sent, you will encounter multiple enemies (with me 4-5) and it is aimed at considerable damage!

The necrophages is also nice if you still have minimal health, you explode.

Redeem Monster Trophies

Monster trophies can be redeem in Novigrade in a house on the outskirts of the capital. The house is located above the waypoint Oxenfurter gate to a bridge on the eastern side of the city. In the house you find a alchemists which gives you the full price of the trophies.

Use Yrden Character Wisely

When the alternate version of Yrden has (in the character menu activated), you can keep up with this flying opponents simply on the ground: you bet Yrden (the alternative) and attract the enemy into the active region. Now this is taken continuously from the character under attack and remains on the ground.

Pirate Nest on Skellige

On Skellige you find an island that lures with some improvements as a treasure.

Master objects Armor:

- Armor - Armor Cavalry Cidarischer
- Armor - Spikeroog-Aketon
- Armor - Cavalry gloves

Manuscript: Improved Dancing Star

Schema - cavalry boots