10 Most bizarre and weird horror video games

In addition to movies, books and classics, the horror genre also left its mark in the gaming world. Be with terrifying creatures or manifestations of the human mind, titles like Silent Hill and Resident Evil have become icons of this world full of grotesque and horrifying stories. But games like Phantasmagoria and Deadly Premonition managed to overcome the barriers of weirdness and bizarre, generating successes and great failures.
Check out some of the best horror games.

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is certainly on the list of the most bizarre games of recent times. Released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, the title can be as strange as it gets to become "good" and captivating. With graphics and gameplay at least, peculiar, the game tells the story of the eccentric FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan and his work to solve a brutal murder of a young woman in the town of Greenvale.

Despite receiving low marks from critics, the title enchanted many players with hilarious dialogue and a well bizarre atmosphere.

Yume Nikki

Dreams and nightmares are very recurring themes in horror games, however, Yume Nikki was able to create a surreal adventure through these two worlds. The title, created for PC RPG Maker program, puts players in the role of Madotsuki, a young woman who explores bizarre scenarios and almost infernal within her dreams. The atmosphere of the game inspired several adaptations, theories and proceedings made by fans.


Phantasmagoria became famous because of its different gameplay and its most disturbing and adult content. However, the "strangeness" of this classic reached more realistic levels. Released in 1995 for PC, the title marked the culmination of "interactive video" at the time and was known for being the first game to bring a real actor as the protagonist.

The plot revolves around Adrienne, a woman who moves into a haunted mansion with her husband Don. Phantasmagoria was also controversial target by combining scenes of sexual violence and demonic possession. And, despite being banned from certain regions for its content, it became one of the great successes of the time.

Shadow Man

Shadow Man can be described as a Mario 64 with voodoo and serial killers. The game was released in 1999 for Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast and PC, based on the series of the same name comics. The bizarre plot revolves around Michael LeRoi, a former student who became a powerful voodoo warrior and now must hunt killers of two worlds.

The game has elements of action and adventure and mixing a dark atmosphere with a good dose of black humor. Your settings and creatures are some of the disturbing elements that made this classic one of the favorite games among players.


Juggernaut follows the line of "interactive video" with a macabre history and bizarre gameplay in first person. Released for PlayStation in 1999, the game puts players in the role of a nameless man whose girlfriend was possessed by demonic forces. With the help of a priest, he enters the mind of the young and ends inside a mansion.

Among the strange sounds and scenarios that come with the game, the player must move his soul to various bodies to carry between areas of the game.


Sanitarium is not just a strange game in terms of atmosphere, but is also a disturbing adventure in the style of "point-and-click". The game was released in 1998 for PC and managed to reach the emotions of the players by placing them in the role of a man who, in a car accident, has no memory and the whole face disfigured.

When he wakes up, the man realizes that is in a sanatorium that looks more like hell on earth. From there, the player must explore dark and strange scenarios that seem to defy time and space. With challenging puzzles, Sanitarium is more than bizarre, but it is also one of the great classics of the genre.

Saya No Uta

Saya no Uta is a visual novel released for PC, those inspired by Japanese animation, involving a certain amount of romance and drama. But the outcome of this love story turns out to be quite macabre and the game features the terror in the form of a grotesque and perverse world, full of blood and organs.

The title was developed by the Nitro +, a well-known studio for their games with erotic themes and terror. Saya no Uta tells the story of Fuminori Sakisaka, a student who was in a car accident. The event it causes an injury to the head and he starts to see the world as a bizarre and bloody place. And in the midst of this hell, he meets Saya a girl who makes his life even more insane.

Corpse Party

Corpse Party may not be as scary as other titles in the genre, but the game certainly can cause very disturbing sensations with its collection of scenes and bizarre end. The first version of the game was developed for RPG Maker on the PC, but its peculiar plot also led to the Portable on the PSP.

In the game, a group of students held a mysterious ritual in school. As a result, the place is taken over by evil spirits. With different endings and macabre sounds, Corpse Party manages to be as strange as shocking with its scenes of terror and violence.


Illbleed is a survival game that looks more like a B horror film, released for Dreamcast in 2001. Everything in the title can be considered strange, since the scenarios to the gameplay. But the strangeness was too, both for players and for the specialized media, nor the sense of humor of the game saved from failure.

Still, Illbleed has scenarios and bizarre characters fleeing from reality. The game probably brings a little bit at a horror film, especially of the strangest. It tells the story of a group of students who are invited to the Illbleed theme park with theaters, clowns, monsters and lots of gratuitous violence.

Joshikousei Nigeru! Shinrei Puzzle Gakuen

As one of the biggest games of success for mobile, Candy Crush has "inspired" a number of other titles. Only that in every possible theme, no one would imagine that the developer Success Corp. would create a Candy Crush of terror. And its name is Jeshikousei Nigeru !, a horror game with puzzles released for Nintendo DS.

To defeat the enemy, the player must make small puzzles in the style Candy Crush, with eyes and other bizarre icons in place of sweet and colorful things.