Agar IO (PC/iOS/Android) skins, beginner's guide, tips

Agar IO: Skins

How do I get skins?

While you are just on the hunt for new ground, suddenly a huge Doge floats past you or a blue ball that is similar to our Earth? These are skins that can decorate your cells. The procedure is simple and you can even implement your own designs in the game.

You start the game and you have to choose a name for your character. Here give their terms in order to use the skins in certain game.

Skins - National Flag

There are tons of skins, so we have some here in the overview. For cells in national colors, you give the English name of the nation:

- Germany
- United Kingdom
- Italy
- France
- Spain
- Portugal
- Sweden
- Norway
- Finland
- Russia
- Poland
- Japan
- South Korea
- Canada
- Brazil
- Argentina
- Chile
... And many more.

Skins - Internet Memes

You spirit all around the net and enjoy on sites like Reddit, 4chan or 9GAG great popularity - Internet Memes. Give the following terms as a name to go with the prominence of the Internet to hunt.

- doge
- Sanik
- cia
- Sir
- Pokerface
- Wojak
- yaranaika
- ayy lmao

Skins - Planetary

You always wanted to absorb other celestial bodies as a planet in our solar system? With the planet skins this is no longer a problem:

- Earth
- Moon
- Mars

Skins -  Known sites and Corporate Logos

In addition to countries and Internet Memes to side and corporate logos have lost in Agar IO. The following terms are currently used:


Beginner's guide, tips

Agar IO has received the green light from the Steam community and since then is a hot tip for single and multiplayer battles on the PC. Now the game also appears for iOS and Android devices.

In the following articles we explain you the gameplay and give you some useful tips and tricks.

Agar IO Survival Tips

With these quick tips you are ready for anything. A successful start, nothing stands in the way:

- Before going into battle, you should select a server near you. Thus preventing annoying lags that bring you into sticky situations.

- You start as a small cell, are fast and very maneuverable. Tuck you against large circles behind viruses (Prickly circles). Let your counterparty to divide.

- Stay away at the beginning of corners. Great enemies hunt there frequently, as they can easily surround you.

- On the PC, you press the space bar to split your cell into two equal parts. Here you get a short burst of speed, which you can use for escape or to eat other circles. After a short time your cells fuse again.

- With the W button you lay off a portion of your total weight. The bigger you are, the more you can store. So you may win a decisive advantage - whether hunting or escaping. Don’t forget, collect this mass as quickly as possible.

- Circle of the same size, cannot eat themselves. Also you take only cells that are smaller than your own.

- If you have been a little larger, you should use the corners of the level to encircle enemies there. Alternatively it drives them towards the virus.

- Split your great cell into several small on, then you are more vulnerable to hostile takeovers. However, you can also take their slight smaller dots.

- Do you play Agar IO with friends, you can help them feed on the PC of the W button. In team their enemy cells take still more effective.