Batman Arkham Knight All Riddler's bombs locations

The Riddler’s bombs are among the 243 Riddler's challenges in Batman - Arkham Knight.

The Riddler hidden not only love notes in the form of Riddler puzzles he has also other challenges to Batman.

A very perfidious method are his Riddler bombs, he hides in these rioters. This deplorable Gangster get the bomb not strapped around the body, the Riddler placed his bombs directly into their heads.

Riddler bombs are an invisible danger that only Batman can track and so it will not be easy to keep the rioters often near innocents. That means Batman should use all the tools to be able to sneak up on this ongoing bombs.

Defusing the Riddler’s Bomb

The challenge you start by pressing a floor-plate. It follows an embassy of the Riddler and then it starts.

The rioters are as human bombs in a crowd, making their detection more difficult. Batman can track the Riddler’s bombs with his remote controlled Batarang. So let the Batarang flying through the crowd and scans them. Your goal then lights up red.

Tips to defuse the Riddler's bombs 

Note: Never attack a rioter directly, then the bomb explodes immediately.

The rioters neutralize (the bomb):

In the vicinity of the target object: Riddler-Sappers are power lines that with your gadget: can be controlled with Batarang. This gives the target an electric shock and the Riddler-bomb is defused. So save your innocent civilians from certain death.

Total of 6 Riddler’s bombs are in Gotham City, in the following areas:

Bleake Island
Miagani Island

Riddler’s bombs (Bleake Island)

Batman Arkham Knight, Riddler's Bomb Locations, Bleake Island Map

The Riddler has some rackets provided with micro-bombs, which he has implanted in secretly. Now you have to ask the printing plates at the indicated positions and look for the victim with the remote-controlled Batarang. Is this found, you just need the Batarang through the electrical source near and then fly to the target to complete the challenge.

Riddler’s bombs (Miagani Island)

Batman Arkham Knight, Riddler's Bomb Locations, Miagani Island Map

3 Bomb are hidden in Miagani Island.