Batman Arkham Knight Riddler's Puzzles / locations with maps

The so-called Riddler’s puzzles in Batman Arkham Knight originate a brilliant mind their traits are represented by attention and desire for confirmation. So the Riddler combined steadily crime with a riddle to the Dark Knight eventually abandon a puzzle that he cannot solve.

The Riddler's puzzles are among the Riddler Challenges, of which there are 243 to be found in the game. Finally, in order to defeat the Riddler and to take into custody, you have tasks to solve.

Riddler’s puzzles - What it is important to note:

- Initially Riddler’s puzzles are easy to identify on the map, they are marked with the green square brackets.

- You must search a riddler puzzle at a specific area in the game. It may be posters or objects or just a logo. There is always an indication of the Riddler, who will assist you in solving the mystery.

- Solution: If you are sure about a correct solution to the puzzle, then move the camera to the correct range and search that area. (Key pad up press).

An overview with the corresponding maps of the areas (Bleake Island, Founders Island, Miagani Island, Panessa Studios, Stagg airships, GCPD, Arkham Knight HQ) provides you All Riddler’s Collectibles Locations.

Riddler’s Puzzles (Bleak Island)

Here we show you the locations and solutions of puzzles that make you the Riddler. In addition we show you below what you need to accurately search to complete the challenge.

Batman Arkham Knight, Riddler's Puzzles, Bleak Island Map

1) "Blanke's bones often left - Beware sailors that you do not feel its bite.." - Search far north in the cage at the lighthouse stairs.

2) "This looks at night, the bats from The Doc did not go, his recovery was a horror.." - Go to Kirk Langstrom’s laboratory in the north of Chinatown. There you come out even during a wanted list. Search the bat on the blackboard.

3) "An open home offers bed and dining, but its leader rather crazy or wise?" - In close to Kirk current laboratory you will find the Deacon's mission - a homeless shelter. Search this building.

4) "Contributing to the Batman comes at a price, as thanks to this reminder constantly white." - Go into Oracle's Clock Tower and activate the computer over the bust. Then hacking the switch to the clock to search the Batgirl suit.

5) "I bet you're not invited to this feast who probably attracts like you, bat.?" - Search the top floor of the bell tower (under the apartment) the poster of the masked ball.

6) "For the sinister city hope so bright, your goal is now to be the signal source." - Search the Bat signal on the GCPD roof.

7) "Crowded, eye type, the occupants are going incarceration I was insane never great." - Go to the easternmost building. Then look back on more and zoom in on the Black Gate Prison in the distance.

8) "It is a symbol in the heart of our city, which has been awarded many inner strength." - Search the Lady Liberty.

Riddler’s Puzzles (Founders Island)

Nine puzzles are on Founders Island. We show you what you have to do for the solution.

Batman Arkham Knight, Riddler's Puzzles, Founders Island Map

1) "A psycho killer heard this creepy design, he stands not merely an other." - In the north you will find some stuffed victims on the waterfront.

2) "A million-dollar villa for a spoiled boy ... but his party always succeeded.." - Make your way to the Wayne-Plaza in the west and search the Wayne Manor in the distance.

3) "He looked forward to every Halloween, but this calendar killer had to move on." - In the Heights Ryker you find a broken wall in the underground. Through the hole you get to the hiding place of the Calender Mans, where you search the calendar.

4) "He lived and died in seven days, ... still plague." - This position can be found in the northeast. Go to the building (next to the poster) in the gap below the grid. On the other side you go down into the courtyard and open the door that leads you to Solomon Grundy's poster.

5) "It strives for vengeance, an ancient religious ... been buried.." - Search at the cemetery west of the church the Saint Dumas’ grave stone.

6) "An icy Group changed his life ... to seek a cure for his wife.." - Search for the Goth Corp logo on the side of the house to the north Otisburgs.

7) "This ramshackle ruin is just fine .... penguin old nest to be different?" - Search the entrance sign of Cobblepot Manor on the Bay in the west.

8) "Far from squat this blank ... fled" - One of the containers in Port Adams includes Banes equipment.

9) "At this circus of bizarre ... Professor is sunk into the madness." - Go to Pretty Dolls Parlor, where Professor Pyg staying there and search the poster of the Circus of Strange.

Riddler's Puzzles (Miagani Island)

Batman Arkham Knight, Riddler's Puzzles, Miagani Island Map

1) "Joy of Wayne ... holds Gotham healthy." – Search the lettering on Elliot Memorial Hospital.

2) "The League of Killer ... their artworks pain." - On the northeastern position you go into a back alley and scanned there the poster over the graffiti.

3) "A strange device ... punishment, humiliation and torment." - This puzzle you get in the final Test of the room Riddler when you freed Catwoman. Use the hacking device to push away the bookshelf and expose a secret room including blasting helmet. Do this before you leave the room. Otherwise you cannot enter the room again.

4) "It does not take much a cat ... even paralyze." - Search the collar at the orphanage in which Selina was trapped. Have you been freed, the band is in the final key area in one of the lamps on the floor next to the key box.

5) "A healing nature ... left nothing but flowers." - Search the Ivy’s died place.

6) "It seems someone is truly ambivalent ... exercise." – Search the house of Ivy's death location, south to the Hells Gate.

7) "A former head ... disturbing action." - The election poster of Quincy Sharp can be found at the Grand Avenue.

8) "Disarming every day." - Southwest of Grand Avenue is a billboard of Vicky Vale show on the roof of a building.

9) "Arkham City's uttermost house ... oh Graus." - On the Mainland Bridge look to the mainland, where the Arkham City Wonder Tower in the distance.

10) "The Fresh Prince of Gotham ... happier hour." - Go to Waynte tower and search the family picture in the office.

Riddler’s Puzzles (Panessa Studios)

Batman Arkham Knight, Riddler's Puzzles, Panessa Studios Map

1) "You and her favorite are no longer together, but forever and ever keep the flames." - In the middle of the studio, there is a shrine for Joker.

2) "This artist is fired up for his art, he once made films before the conflagration." - Taken from the poster inferno on stage A.

3) "? You a father figure that I don’t laugh your staff is stalling more your thing.." - Search Robin’s batarangs in front of the cell to the left.

Riddler's Puzzles (Stag airships)

Batman Arkham Knight, Riddler's Puzzles, Stag Airships Map

1) "Stag little friend is not a fantasy creature, the usual pigment is just missing." - The first puzzle can be found on the airship Alpha. Search the white chimps.

2) "Do you want something to ship, super chill; ask a bird with a penchant for violence." - The second puzzle is in the left part of the Beta-ship. There you will find a poster next to the stability control, you need to search it.

3) "A bragging Ender reporter is too much, but maybe the killer has his goal." - The remaining mystery is in the right part of the Beta-airship. There is a magazine with Jack Ryder.

Riddler's Puzzles (Arkham Knight HQ)

1) "A soft, white fur and upright ears, who dug the hole where Alice was lost?" - Go to Level 4 and search there in the hallway after the rabbit in a showcase.

2) "The desire for vengeance in those deceived by you, grow and beat higher waves." - In the western part of level 5 you have to search a Pinwannd, which is full of images of Batman.

3) "A psychotic doctor wearing a coat, the result of his research: a powerful means" South of the fifth level you see a room with green gas. Search this.