Batman Arkham Knight: Freeze Blast / Gun - hidden gadget location

The Freeze Blast in Batman: Arkham Knight is the only gadget that does not automatically get you throughout the game. This easily overlooked piece of equipment is essential for those who want to complete the game with 100%. We'll give you a little guide on how and where you can find the Freeze shot.

Virtually all equipment in Batman: Arkham Knight will receive in the course of the main story. All, except for the Freeze blast. This gadget you can easily miss because the hiding place is far from obvious. Below you learn where to find the item, what it requires, and what else you can do with it.

Once there take the elevator! - Here you can find the Freeze blast

First you need you go to the Panessa film studios in Bleake Island. Silk arrive there, you do the VIP elevator locate and use it to go to the quarantine cells. In addition to the whole of the left cell is down a small table. And what shines out so beautifully blue bright? Tadah, the Freeze blast that is from now on part of your equipment.

For this you need the Freeze Blast

Several Riddler Trophies in Batman: Arkham Knight you can attain only when you have the Freeze Blast. Green question mark is blocked by hot steam pipes. With the Freeze-blast the pipes can freeze and so reach the question mark. Without the blast, it is impossible to complete the game with 100%.

In the battle of the Freeze- blast is a useful object, because it can freeze your enemies for a short time and make them unable to fight.