Deception 4: The Nightmare Princess PS VITA review

Just over a year ago Tecmo Koei was eager to launch a game that had no relation to the classic saga Musou, and away from Ninja Gaiden or Dead or Alive. The Deception IV: Blood Ties, a title that we knew would not become any media or sales success. We loved, far from being a perfect game; it offers something different in the panorama of PlayStation 3 and PS Vita with that characteristic mixture of black humor, strategy and sadism.

In line with many other games to review and especially, PlayStation 4 version for the advantage of its pull, the developers launch Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess. The same mechanics in PlayStation 3 but with more content and characters.

Blood Ties and overall gameplay

The Nightmare Princess has two main modes, one dedicated to Velguirie which is the great novelty and another dedicated to the history of Laegrinna, the protagonist of Blood Ties. The latter is a story mode that presents different challenges against humans.

What exactly Deception? Simulator villain in this case more bastard you can find. And more importantly, why you should be interested? Because it is a strategic game for all users, original and creative. Part of ideas seen on the tower defense, that is, those games where you plant your arsenal of traps to defend an area or object is helpless by itself. Laegrinna, actively appears on stage with vitality bar not have any direct attack, not wield any sword.; our movements are simply avoiding legs out by groups of knights, archers or innocent villagers who have had the misfortune to enter our domains.

Most guests Laegrinna seek to end, so they used to fund its arsenal. Is this the end of the forces of evil? Far from it. This frail girl has a cast of traps that will wreak havoc on those who dare set foot in our house, and that includes the descendants of the Saints.

Deception IV does not exactly fit the definition of defense towers because it has a few characteristics that conflict with the principles of the genre. Laegrinna effectively can move around the stage, and must do so constantly, because her persecutors try to end her one way or another without being a second's respite. There are skills to configure advantages such as automatically dodge some attacks or recover life a number of occasions, but we should not tempt fate, much closer to the opponents. Our weapon is cunning and deceit that the title of the series, as we will place traps in all the rooms in which we want the men fall on them.

Here comes another feature of Deception, the possibility of opening the menu at any time and change the pitfalls freely without an initial misplacement condemn us the rest of the game. The trapping is done with the slow action and a scenario display grid. The key is to create a list of the devices that have available We've been a limited amount of total traps that we identified with numbers. It is not mandatory to go through them we have given the order at any time you can activate the one that interests us, but bring a definite structure will be of great help in creating combos to go jogging with a quick button press.

The key to the fun is in the chains of successive attacks, think how evil making them kill our victims bounce or fall for several lethal zones no opportunity to flee. Since the change does not have any penalty traps barely it takes a few seconds to launch put the same kind of attack again and again alone, such a trap without accompaniment, not only makes the most boring game without doing any but it would take much longer kill opponents; in addition, we could call leaders characters history and more skillful often have life regeneration, so that the traps chain is essential if we want to wear your flip bar.

There are tens of mechanisms to crush, crush, burn, electrocute and ridicule our pursuers. Many of these traps are inspired by real torture machines, others are completely comic; a huge yoyo can be as dangerous as a giant pendulum blade. With many traps in addition to damage cause displacement, allowing making a mortal who enter this route travel limit cruelty is in our imagination. You put a bouncer throwing into the air the knight falls on stairs, it featured a rolling stone that crushes him, wall spikes they strung out and finally falls a pumpkin leaves him dazed walking to get into a hot iron foundry. The more complex these combos are more we will cause damage and will gain experience, experience that will be used to acquire new skills or traps.

There are three categories for traps, connected with the assistants of Laegrinna: witty, brutal and shameful, that can also be classified by a range of action, from a wall, etc. It is possible to select for the game that are pleasing you more, including many of the same category, but the experience you want with them adds to the account class. Ultimately, this means you can buy more traps type that you use, but if you want variety, you have to be creative.

Deception IV invites you to do as you can not put two traps in the same space, and causes that need devices that move the victim or attack from far. In addition, three servants of the protagonist requests to make us rich rewards in the form of points for using a specific type of trap, electrocute someone or go to a room of travel. In short, is not the same simplistic way abusing kill one or two traps that rely more for their effectiveness to follow the advice to encompass those that maybe do not attract us so much, such a slippery banana peel to best awards.

Another type of traps, the environment. The strengths where change Laegrinna refuge after several chapters, not limited to a closed room, no doors giving access to other rooms and can move from one to the other if we wish, that our pursuers come after us because occasionally one flees in terror and us who want to give hunters. Each location typically has a number of mobile or activated by blue gems dangers, something like switches that can be played by the protagonist or a projectile if we have away the arrows that are very useful for this.

Trains running, sharp gears, lasers, furnaces, guillotines, steam jets, guns, mechanical carriages, animated statues, lamps unstable ... Some can be used repeatedly, others are single use, and care that Laegrinna traps also affect, whether accidentally fall into them. Not all our rooms are taste, that the way we play better or worse suited to a particular strategy, so feel free to download your bad temper it where it is easier.

Believe it or not, the fact of modify the traps on the fly is one of the most important aspects of its gameplay and our interest in the game depends a lot on it. In essence, it relies a little to try and see if our idea works in practice, it can be wrong in placing or perhaps synchronization with external elements of the stage traps not correct. The solution is to discard the plan or modify it slightly until you find the key. Well, because it makes the game less frustrating failure and somehow it must be so for rectify by type of enemy, as we will explain, not all are equal and poor or at least not so well because part of the puzzle is not the basis of the gameplay, so clear randomness behavior as permissiveness to lower the weight changes of the strategic part. No Deception like to see a precise game of chess, the chances are also involved in the outcome.

The enemies are a fundamental part of the game, and our plan depends on them. At first they are thieves and warriors of knives with as little as follow straight artificial intelligence, so that we have it very easy to put Laegrinna as bait where we are interested. If Deception IV is always confined this would be boring. Past learning phases are coming new types of resistant knights and / or invulnerable to certain pitfalls, and that's a headache. They are women, or men with resistant to falling objects, traps to walls, fire, ultimately, to certain types of attack armor.

Plan to set traps with basic enemies no longer works with these, it is that each opponent has their own vitality, speed, intelligence and personality. Some run to you, others will stay in places that feel safe firing some kind of projectile, there are murderers who give jumps-a problem for floor traps or even erratic, unpredictable motion. With various types of enemies in one room we show all our resources in exploiting the environment.

The story mode is a deep connection testing spun a little story comes to us, the texts in several languages, either Spanish - has sometimes points quite surreal humor, with colorful characters. But it is difficult for a player wants to move forward to see the end of the story, you do because every challenge is always slightly different, even repeat oneself be a different experience if we choose to use other types of traps.

Princess of nightmares

If you have Blood Ties you wonder what's New Nightmare The Princess. The most important, a way of missions dedicated to Velguirie, "another" child of the devil.

This mode presents a new equally sadistic young Laegrinna with that which does not take very welfare. He wakes up sluggish after a long sleep and his powers begin to awaken slowly, but soon discovered his big news: a kick. Unlike the other protagonist, this brings a new technique that makes more combos, or can even be used as a defensive technique when we are in trouble. As stroke is not very harmful, however push the enemy a few steps back, enough to lead the Knights to start a combo of traps. If you get used to using it soon, you will see that at least provides more a blow to the chain.

Thus, totaling several tens of hours, it is presented in a slightly different way of Laegrinna. There are a hundred new missions with strict victory, which means it is not enough to kill all the enemies, you must face one of the three objectives of increasing difficulty. Depending on that, you get one or three new weapons and sometimes unlock new missions branches if you want to get all the traps, you must go through the different routes.

This version also pays tribute to the stars of past games, Millenia, Queen and like Allura enemy and then playable, and adds new scenarios for current environment. Removing the gym, a hospital and a park-the truth is that it seems that the graphic level is more worked than cold walls of the original castle. They offer their own traps stage and are ultimately new areas to wreak havoc.

Of course, the number of traps has been increased. Many of these gadgets are realistic cut, others are based on past Deception and the rest are humorous style, like a giant magnifying glass or flypaper.

The team knew that creating traps was an aspect that could be shared. The PlayStation 3 version had the option to upload videos to Youtube function underused in the last generation, and now with this integrated system PlayStation 4 is even more comfortable. For the occasion was created Deception Studio, which allows change-again enemies and create our missions to be shared on the Internet. Simply select stage rivals and set the conditions for victory.

The graphics are almost identical to other platforms, hence in PlayStation 4 a little more enhance its appearance. Not much stands in PS Vita, although laptop is more than enough. PlayStation 3, and recalled a PS2 game with more resolution, and PlayStation 4 three quarters of the same. It is not something that should prevent your purchase, but if you have the choice, perhaps its mission system makes it more suitable for laptop.


Blood Ties is a great evolution of a classic saga, and The Nightmare Princess is the most complete and enjoyable version. Now it is true that there is neither a sequel nor a reinvention of the original. And new missions are for the most addicted to this formula, but not alleviated what could criticize Deception IV, especially its repeatability by nature.

Whatever the case, Deception IV has seemed a painfully funny experience well worth it if you're looking for something original, regardless of their technical qualities.