Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition tips

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition is a remastered version of the classic action video game starring Nero and Dante. Released for PS4 and Xbox One and PC, the special edition features new game modes and playable characters, as Vergil, Trish and Lady.

Check some useful tips to do well in the popular Hack 'n' Slash game.

Classes have to be agile

Like any good game Devil May Cry series, we need to be nimble and act with style to get along. This means that it is necessary interim shots with vertical strikes and ground assaults to get good grades. Varied and precise blows will certainly ensure excellent scores at the end of each arena.

The circle button (or "B" if you're playing on Xbox One ) serves to facilitate the movement of the character and should be used often enough in all confrontations. Being hit by the opponent will considerably reduce your final score, so skip practice and bearings regularly.

Make good use of the new characters

The three playable characters have sequences ideal attacks to hit multiple enemies at once. So if you want to get perfect performance when running the desired combos Smokin' Sick Style (SSS), look test all the protagonists to find out which is closer to your style of play.

The Legendary Dark Knight, the costly exclusively who attended the first PC version, is also an excellent alternative to train extermination strategies against different enemies, since there is a much greater amount of aberration and evil creatures.

Turbo Mode

The Turbo Mode, known to fans for considerably raises the title of speed, can be a good choice for those seeking a more dynamic and fast gameplay. Although the embodiment requires quick reflexes and great skill by the player, it provides a more satisfying experience, thereby facilitating the implementation of more insane combos and therefore the acquisition of scores.

To enable Turbo, go to the tab "Options" available from the missions menu. Then, locate the "Game Options" option and change the Turbo icon to "On". It's worth noting that you can not change the mode during phases of the game.

Complete Secret Missions

The Secret Missions are very interesting challenges that arise in the course of gambling just to put to the test of user’s skills.

Do your best to find all the secret missions because they will give good portions of orbs to perform upgrades and will help you master all the techniques chosen protagonist. The objectives range from eliminating hordes of enemies within a time limit or track orbs and fragments scattered throughout the scenarios.

Seek to invest in new tricks

Whatever your chosen character during the campaign, be sure to use orbs to learn new techniques and improve certain skills. You can discover new techniques with any hero, including sequences of combos with basic buttons ("Triangle" or "Y"), methods of holding the opponents and how to hit them with long-range weapons.

Remember that improvements must be made in the moments before a new mission. Otherwise you will have to locate a statuette during the phase to be able to acquire items and improve methods of warfare.