Godzilla: the game - 2015 tips (PS4)

Unlock Level 21, 22, 23 and 24

In order to unlock the level 21 to 24, you have to find at least 50% of the collectable data in all other levels.

Unlock Level 25

By the end of level 22 or 24, your Kaiju must have reached a height of 100 meters. Depending on which route you have chosen, you come to Level 22 or 24th.

Unlock All Kaiju

Except for Godzilla (2014), Burning Godzilla and Jet Jaguar, you can unlock all Kaiju mode "Master of Destruction".

To arrange this, overcome the monsters easily in certain missions if they confront you.


There are basically two ways to get Destoroyah

1. Fortunately, it can show up in one of the levels. Warning it is always 100 feet tall therefore very difficult (5 minutes limit)

2. Burning Godzilla. Play as He and going the easy route along and collect as much G-energy as possible, if you reach level 25, shaft 100 or to be more feet tall, you can fight against Destoroyah (2 minutes limit)

Burning Godzilla

To get Burning Godzilla, select one ingress / defend mode "Master of Destruction".


Infiltration: Take a monster of your choice and strike on your way through the Stages everything to dust. Burning Godzilla is waiting for you in Stage 25 but at least 100 feet tall otherwise you will not even in the purely Stage. For this route I recommend Biollante, simply because it has great coverage and comprehensive skills to get silence the anger.

Defend: As in penetration Monster ensure that is destroyed as little as possible from hostile monsters, then simply to level 25 and defeat Burning Godzilla but make sure the Pro Stage at best only about 17% has been destroyed by the enemy because Again, a height / force is required of 100.