Godzilla the Game: vehicles and weapons of the G-Force

Vehicles and weapons Overview

Try to stop your advance with the following G-Force units:

- Ground troops
- Flight units
- Cruiser
- G Cannons

Ground troops

The ground forces include tanks and other tyred vehicles that fuel you with rockets and mortars.

Reach the disaster level, the unit will attack more often. In addition, higher the rocket damage and the same become increasingly replaced by cadmium projectile.

In addition, the conventional tanks equipped with lasers. These are also stronger than their predecessors.

Flight units

Several helicopters and fighter jets forms up to the flight units to discourage you ravaging the city from the air.

The helicopters have to come closer to strong, so that they can fire their machine guns on you. That's the same time greater weakness: Use your deadly breath to the units. Pay attention to the automatic sighting. Do you want to create a building with the breath in ruins and a helicopter is in the immediate line of fire, your attack will be automatically directed to the aircraft.

When the fighter jets turn off is a bit trickier, since they mostly attack by swooping and thus are vulnerable only to the impulse.

As with the ground forces, the air units are more at a higher level disasters. Helicopter fire off missile at once and weapons of the jets will be replaced by laser.


The cruisers appear only in a few levels and are usually located on the seashore. Approach ships, they fire with machine guns and rocket to you.

Unlike the ground forces or air units, do not change the cruisers attack patterns at an elevated level disasters. Consequently, they are hardly a threat to you.

G Cannons

The G-Cannons are equipped with all kinds of weapons. At the beginning you're shooting around with machine guns. Increase the disaster level, they fire large quantities of missiles at you. In addition, they can be converted into laser guns. This you will find increasingly near generators.

Initially, the laser still consist of a beam, it will be later in great devastation triple laser beams.