GoW 3 Remastered: phoenix feathers Locations

Among the collectible items in God of War 3 Remastered include the phoenix feathers, with which you can increase your magic stock properly. Unfortunately, the coveted items are well hidden in the individual chapters of the action adventure. With our guide we lead you to all items.

Every third phoenix feather, which finds in God of War 3 Remastered, increases your magic bar a little further. Once you have found twelve springs of the Firebird, you have a maximum storage and can then fight your opponents more effectively.

God of War 3 Remastered: Locations of all the Phoenix Feathers

Notice in finding that chests are bigger with phoenix feathers and look different from those which contain only red orbs.

Section Location
5: judge of the underworld After you've pushed the elevator down into the fire the explosive barrel, Kratos flies in the shaft upward and attaches itself to the cart which promptly falls down. On top of the grid car you open the door in the wall, all dismembered undead hands in the hallway and take the first phoenix feather from the chest at the back end.
9: The Path of Eos Once you have the light of Helios' head found the second secret door and the corridor have followed behind, do not jump up to the rope, but let yourself fall. Below you'll find the chest with the pen.
14: The fire of Olympus II After you've played the first chord on the organ in the hall of the Muses, let you carry to the left in the room from the hot updraft upwards. On the front left column is the chest with the pen.
16: Poseidon's Chamber After you've used to the Princess to lock the wheel, you can pass the grid that has been denied access to the Pandora statue. After the conversation you look right into the corner and open the chest with the pen.
18: Tartarus Initially running after a big gate by a corridor, the chest is at the right wall with the spring.
19: gates of Tisiphone After you have resolved the mystery on the wall with the many blocks and the gates open, you will find the box with the spring behind the crossing on the left side.
21: The upper gardens II After you have opened with the switch the big gate and the first time you encountered scorpions, you will find in the next hall left of the entrance the chest with the pen.
22: The Caves II When you first save point in this chapter, you unmasked with Helios' head the secret door on the rock wall left of it and follow the passage to a cube-shaped hall. If you jump to the ground, you encounter on your right on the spring.
22: The Caves II After defeating the giant scorpion Boreas Ice Storm inserted into the opening in the middle of the box and on the way up over the precipice. Before you supply the next apparatus in the ground with energy, lit behind on the projection of the left corner and find the spring.
23: The Labyrinth In the room with the rammers and flamethrowers disable the lever and then the trap can take the pen from the chest right down.
23: The Labyrinth After meeting with Daedalus and the subsequent long struggle lit with Helios' head to the right wall. There, the spring is located in a box.
24: The three judges After fighting Fenris step through the portal and use the top right of the balcony with the book Helios' head. So you unmask the depository of the spring.

Trophy "plucking"

Once you have collected all phoenix feathers, you will get the trophy feather plucking.