Harvest Moon 3D: Lost Valley - general tips (3DS)

The Beginning! First day - money!

In the beginning it is important to gather wood and seeds to plant. You get early in the game seeds and also an ax. With the ax, remember the trees (they grow namely by itself with time!), So you get a lot of soft lumber. In the first day you get to know a man named Sam, appears in your dreams. With him you can buy / sell things like soil, hard and soft timber, stones, seeds and fertilizer. There you sold your timber, make money and can again buy new seeds. In the following days you will be approached by the Harvest Sprites, that he has a little girl (Sally). This girl you have to look in the next few days. Some days she stands in front of your house, but does not really special. On 10 spring get a woman (Iris) with her daughter (Sonia), who take you to a flower shop. With them you can buy Flower Seeds then sell for Wednesday and Thursday. Growing plants is initially important to get to the next Harvest Sprites!


Quick money benefiting in particular if you have the hammer. You get it when you unlock the autumn. On the edge of the field map (see bottom screen), there are several mining inputs at which you can reduce ores. The ore is then allowed to be processed to correct stones for a small sum when Brutus (blacksmith) and then sell them to Sam.

Important minerals such as iron, gold, silver and Mithril should initially be stored as they are rare.


Do you need a particular weather, so you can do that quite easily "influence". If you store before going to sleep, you can reload until you have the desired weather every day.

Growing Plants and Crops:

When growing crops the field level plays a role. The house is located on the house level (HE), which is 20 HE. An ideal height level should never be too deep and is about 17 HU (at the height of the field that you worked at the beginning with the statement). The water is 10 HE.

By the way the field level in plants / flowers does not matter. Always grow equally fast and good!


Do not stay awake more than 2 clock, otherwise your stamina bar is not refreshed the next day.

Do you sell a certain amount of mutant crops / flowers, then the shops to include you in their offer and you can buy the seeds immediately even with them.


Storage space is enough there, you have at the beginning has a refrigerator and a dresser with a storage space of 255 pcs..

At first it is important to store even a small portion of everything possible.


Animals eat more until the next full hour. So at 8:50 that would be 10 minutes to wait at 8:05, however, one would have 55 minutes (almost an hour).

If chickens, cows and sheep all have hearts full, then you have no more daily high take / stroke. Feeding, collecting eggs, milking, shearing and brushing is sufficient.

Red & Yellow Harvest Sprites:

You improve the chances of mutations in plants! So help only indirectly, by using their powers to help you with mutations of normal crops.

Small part of the mutations:


Giant Cabbage

Carbon below the water level (HE -11 or lower). Each soil type works.


Onions in dry soil (growing on HE -3 fastest).

Sunset Corn

Forage maize in grassy ground at HE -2. Corn mixture (fertilizer) must be used at least once.

Magic Peppers

Green peppers in dry soil at very low levels. Once they are mutated, the Magic Pepper grows fastest when HE -16


Pepper Scot in grassy or marshy ground. Maybe it needs to be grown near the water. Peppers grow fastest on HE -3. Jalapeno grows best at HE -2.

Butternut Squash

Pumpkins in grassy, swampy or mixed (mixed) floor. Pumpkins grow fastest at HE -3.

Savoy Spinach

Spinach in grassy or marshy ground. Spinach grows fastest when HE -5. It mutates frequently in HE. The help of the yellow Imp is strongly recommended!

White Tulip

Tulips at any height on HE -16.

Yellow Tulip

Tulips at any height on HE -16. Rarer than white tulips!



Corn in grassy ground. Can also grow in other soil types. It is growing fast on HE -3.

Durum Wheat

Wheat at high altitude (HE +11 to HE +8).

Black Potato

Purple potatoes at medium altitude (HE +1 to HE -5) in dry soil.


Carrots planted on marshy ground. Each survey HE -16 should work.


Pumpkin in marshy ground. It is growing the fast on HE -3.

White Dahlia

White dahlia on any height above HE -16.

Yellow Dahlia

Yellow Dahlia on any height above HE -16.



Celery in grassy or marshy ground. Can also grow in other soil types. It is growing the fast on HE -3.


Scarlet tomatoes planted in amounts ranging from HE -18 to HE -12 using tomato mixture and fertilizer. Apparently even HE -10 on grassy soil without fertilizer, and HE -13 to HE -16 without fertilizer. Grows in all soil types, but peaty soil can produce more.


Wheat on HE -10 in grassy ground. Will not grow in swampy ground. Other soil types and elevations may operate.

Giant Potato

Potatoes at altitudes HE +11 to +5 HE.

Purple Spinach

Savoy spinach confirmed in marshy ground on and HE -10 HE -5. It grows fastest on HE -5.


Broccoli in grassy or marshy ground. Can grow in other soil types. It is growing the fast on HE -3.

Pink Carnation

Cloves on any height above HE -16.

Sun Flowers

Cosmos at any height above HE -16.


Red Cabbage

Cabbage in winter. Marshy ground seems to have the best rate of mutation, but it also grows in any soil type. It is growing the fast on HE -3.

White Berry

Strawberries in winter above the water level.

Dragon Pepper

Jalapeno in HE -3 in grassy or marshy ground. Apple mixture must be used at least once.

Purple Potatoes

Potatoes above the water level in mixed ground.

Baby Carrot

Carrots in grassy or marshy soil, when HE -3 to -8 HE. Higher than HE -3 or lower than -11 HE not functions. HE -5 seems very good to be working in swampy ground.

White Carrot

Baby carrots in dry soil in height HE +5 to +11 HE.

Butternut squash

Butternut squash with HE +1. Perhaps only at grassy ground. HE +8 seems to work.

Baby Spinach

Spinach in dry soils. It grows fast on HE -5.

Romanesco (Romanesque cauliflower)

Romanesco in grassy ground. Can also grow in other soil types. It is growing fast on HE -3.

Yellow Pansy

Yellow pansy on any height above HE -16.

Purple Pansy

Purple Pansy any height above HE -16.