Learn to play Rocket League (PC/PS4)

Useful tips and quick guide to play Rocket League that mixes car racing and football

Rocket League is an unusual sports game for PC and PS4 that puts cars instead of athletes to compete in matches of something like football. The title is quite intuitive to start playing, but hides some small nuances that users take time to master.

Check out how to start playing and tricks to get along in the game.

How to play

The basic mechanics of Rocket League is very simple. There are two teams on the field and you need to push a giant ball into the opponent's goal. The size of the teams varies from 1 vs. 1 to 4 Vs. 4. To get to your goal you need to play both in attack and in defense, throwing the ball into the opponent's court and drew it out of his hand.


Move - Left Analog
Speed - R2
Reverse - L2
Jump - X
Turbo - Circle
Skid - Square
Camera on the ball - Triangle
Scoreboard - L1
Voice Chat - R1
Text chat - Touch Panel
Rearview - R3


One of the few elements that you can manage to gain advantage in the game is the turbo, which ensures speed and extra strength. It is indicated by a meter at the bottom right of the screen from 0 to 100. When your turbo ends you need to get more in bright field points. Place with a ball of energy guarantee full turbo while other points just fill a little.

Spins in the air

A trick that may initially go unnoticed is the fact that after a jump can turn your car into the air. These spins can put spin on the ball and to throw it in different directions rather than just push it forward. Once in the air, use the left stick to rotate your car, both horizontally and vertically. However, it is very difficult to hit the timing of turning with the ball.

Customizing your car

In the main menu there is the "Garage" option in which you can perform cosmetic changes in your car. You can choose different types of vehicle decals, paint, tires, turbo color, accessories and even antennas and flags. The more you play, the more items are unlocked to customize your vehicle.


There are many chat options available in Rocket League. The key would be the voice chat by pressing the R1 button and the chat by text, using the touch panel. However, the heat departure there is also the option of predetermined messages. Just press the directional digital depending on the situation: Up to information, Left for praise, Right for reactions and Down excuses.