Lego Jurassic World (PC) walkthrough

Welcome to the first part of our complete guide to Lego Jurassic World. Here we show you how to pass through the first Jurassic Park film in LEGO Universe. In a separate guide, we show you also how you get hold of all collectibles.

Raptor Transfer

The game begins in the prologue of the first film to Raptor transfer. You take on the role of Robert Muldoon and Jophrey Brown. First go with Brown to the object under the Raptor cage and destroyed it. From the LEGO bricks you build a battery that you charge with the baton and so you manage to bring light. Then change to Muldoon and look to the left after the blue footprint icon. Follow these and you discover the first parts for the cargo area. Now shoot still with his gun on the left at the light pen input to release the last stone. Is the path correctly, you push the cage into its final position. Now move back to Jophrey and give the code at the enclosure. He is played you from the game. Climb on the cage, and invite the switch for the gate. Already you have completed the first part of the prologue.


Continue in Montana with Dr. Allen and Dr. Ellie Sattler Grant to be found at his archaeological expedition. First, you can uncover three Raptor skeletons. The first can be found right at the end of the path. Scoop away the dirt with Grant and builds the skeleton on. Now Ellie can jump on it and so destroy a box on the Hill, which releases a ladder. Bring both characters to the other side and smash the object left of the skeleton to give the excavation member a jackhammer.

Thus he sets the Raptor free and destroys him. No problem: With Grant you can quickly build up again the fossil. Then back to the left until you come to three members of the expedition. Smash the three boxes to tinker a street sweeper. With this you can then expose recent excavation site and the Raptor assemble as usual.

Grant receives his famous Raptor claw. This also comes just after the short cutscene. Use it, in which you passed en route to the third skeleton. So you come up and you can go in the direction of the caravan. On the way you come to the members who compose the scanning machine. The missing wheel can be found in one of the boxes. The handlebar gets, when you cut up the green plants on the far right with the claw.

Have you built the scanner, go to him and jump up the fragile plate in the area. So the Dino is scanned and triggered another sequence. After Hammond has landed on the square, you jump with Ellie on the truck and then go on the trampoline (jump press and hold) upward. Now go to the trailer on the far right and even the prologue is done!

Welcome to Jurassic Park

Go to the Jurassic Park and drive the car (blue Studs). At the gate you smash the bush to the right of the control panel to restore them. Then change to Hammond to activate the sequence to open the gate. Now that the way is clear, the adventure in Jurassic Park can begin. After the cutscene, you jump at the second gate with Ellie left on the platform and smash the crates.

Then assembles the parts and turn right. There you cut up with the claw the rope and jump back with Ellie up and repeats the procedure to expose the way final. So you get to the foyer of the main building.

After the cutscene you stand with dinosaur tamer Vic and Robert Muldoon on Raptor cage. It's feeding time. Destroy the blue boxes in the foreground, in order to build the cage for the cow. Then take on the missing piece of the enclosure panel and follow the tracks to the broken mechanism. Repair them and a code later the way to the cow is open. Invite the Panel on the dinosaur tamer and then ride on the cow in the cage provided. Since the crane workers fall and hurt so, you assume his job. Shoot with Muldoon rifle at the target and then climbs to the top. Already you can control via the enclosure and so complete the sequence the cow.

Triceratops Recovery

According to another movie you take on the role of Ellie Sattler and Dr. Harding, who want to take care of a sick Triceratops. Check first with Ellie the dunghill right. Carrot, apple and ice, the above circles Dino now have to seek her. Take just before the blue track below the dunghill with Harding. With Ellie her watering then the seeds found and can climb upwards. There you will find the second pile and the ice.

Bring it back to the Triceratops. On the left side you take now the carrot from the third pile and bring them back also. Then you can water the last plant on the left side of the area. Jump over the flowers with Harding up and shoot at the target. Climb up the vine and examine the trail on the right side of the cliff to find another seed. The tree, which arises from, bears the apple in itself.

If the Triceratops fit again, you can now control him. Destroy his tree trunk in the background. Behind you will find another tree that you have come across the river for the doctor. Once you have arrived there, you can water the seed with Ellie. Thus also the Triceratops reaches over there and destroys the last tree at the gate. Then build the switch back together and give the code. Shoot down the ladder and move to the other side.

Change to Ellie and jump to the wooden boxes on the right. Push the box there with the parts down and build a rotating mechanism for the stable. In the Dino pile can be found then the desired crank. Let into the Triceratops and destroy him with the glowing wall to complete the chapter.

Way to the T-Rex exhibit

Back at Dr. Grant and Malcolm you follow the road until you hit a park employee who hangs on a tree. Free the poor wretch with the claw and he shows you how to make dinosaurs appear with the blue platform. Then use the Triceratops to expose the way. The Dilophosaurier area after you done then quickly with some bumps. Climb back to the human figures upward toward the street. Dig the obstacle from the jackhammer on the left side with Dr. Grant and continue with the car.

Park Shutdown (Power Off)

The following sequence denies with Dr. Grant and Malcolm. The children sit firmly in the overturned car, which will be processed simultaneously by the T-Rex. Running behind the Giants and cuts with Grant the plants left. There you will receive the crank, which you can use next to the apparatus. This reduces water levels and can assemble the building blocks in the hole. Activate the equipment then to deflect the dinosaurs. Then go quickly to the car and dig with Grant. So do you manage with the new parts a jack and can thus save Lex. With her then go to another car and use her special ability. You can destroy the glass with a little scream. Then damage T-Rex the car and Malcolm distracts him with a torch. Then go to the front and repaired the winch with which you then freely admits the other cars and so freed Timmy. At least that's the plan. Unfortunately, you radioed the dinosaurs between and push you, with car over the cliff.

Rescue Timmy!

Now it is to rescue on Lex and Dr. Grant the little Timmy from the treetops. Dig with Grant left on the tree. So you get the winds, can be opened on the right side of the sewer. Now assemble the rocker and put yourself on the tree by only provide you with Lex on the target point and then catapulted Allen upwards. You can then swing to the right and leave about a stone's throw to the target a ladder down. Now you will return to the doctor and cut the creepers. About this and the hanging in front of you steps you will move to the next level and destroy with Lex the next target.

Behind the next plants can be found a trampoline, the more leads you upward. Now you are in easy reach to the car. Jump over the fungus and then via wall jump between the colorful walls back and forth. Shipyard again a stone on target to make Grant upwards, which in turn destroys the vines. Change back to Lex to now screaming the windows broken. After Timmy is exempted the next sequence starts.

T-Rex Hunt

We switch to a wild chase. Ellie has found Malcolm and now travels with him and Muldoon back to the main building. Unfortunately, the T-Rex started its trail and followed the car. Try the Dino dodge when he screams and lowers his head. Differ from him a few times and collect as many studs and even the sequence and thus the chapter is finished.

For Gallimimus enclosure

After the tree you can use the water to get to the other side with Timmy the hatch. Once there, you turn on the winch in order to create a bridge for the others. Then dig with Dr. Grant, the part of the earth to create a climbing wall, which leads you to the top. Now follow the blue Studs up to a target. On the other side dig Grant then the necessary parts so as to reach the hill and into the cage.

Gallimimus Hunt

On the third page of the complete solution Grant and the children have to flee from an onrushing herd Gallimimusse. Jump over the obstacle on your way. In addition, the dinosaurs are trying to ram you. That you may know, once some red lines show up in their minds. Then run as possible out of the way. That should not be a problem because they always run in a straight line on.

Maintenance shed

Ellie and Muldoon go to the maintenance shed to restore power to the park. Search the dark tunnel and pay attention to the announcements of Hammond. Search on the left after the tracks behind the grille. You come to a key with which you can unlock the big iron gate. Remain the same at Muldoon and shoot him with the butt on the tubes from in order to create a bridge. The first pressure gauge you have to wait until no more steam comes out of the pipes.

At the Second you jump with Ellie at the head of the left. So Muldoon can pass and switch off the steam at all three devices. With it, you can then also destroy the next manometer by a shot on the disc at the end of the corridor. Jump with Ellie to the switch box and then assembles it. Now you have to find the right timing, so that the current flows again.

The raptors

Back outside the two LEGO heroes are pursued by some raptors. Examine first with Muldoon the footprints on a slope. This you get a seed that you grow with Ellie and so let's climb the tree. So the hunter comes up, he waters the next plant on a slope. The Liana above sets her free again with an aimed shot from the gun. After that you will be attacked by a Raptor.

Press the displayed several times in quick succession to shake him off. For Ellie there on the hill again a dunghill for testing. This will get your parts for an improvised bridge. Another Raptor to attack. Repeat the game with the displayed keys. Then destroy the bushes in front of the rock, creating a seesaw, you manage the stones out of the way. Well you are in for a small boss fight.

Raptor Boss

The Raptor takes you at the end of the slope at once. Defend him from the buttons displayed. Then the little games begin. The Raptor easily switches between three bushes back and forth. This point you must now shoot with a hunter rifle. Thus, the Dino lose a heart. Repeats the whole thing three times and the boss is managed. Misses her, you have the angry carnivores ward again.

Way to the visitor center

Back at Timmy, Lex and Dr. Ridge you must first find a key for the next goal. Switch for on Lex and throw at the target. So you come to a crank with which you can open the garage. Now you go with Timmy's night vision device in the dark area and grab the key. Already it can go on to the next sequence.

Kitchen Escape

Timmy and Lex are nailed two raptors in the kitchen. You must now escape unseen. Shipyard initially with Lex a stone at the target left. Thus, the Raptor is deflected on this page and you can in the next row. Now move on Timmy and crawl through the small gap under the stove. Thus, the other dinosaurs will pay attention to you. Use the oven left to unlock another target for Lex. Now you can push away with Tim in the last row and the food cart on the left side, so as to bring Lex to you.

These can then Tim in turn raise the shelf nearby. Climb now through the ventilation shaft. Also push the second food cart in the vicinity of the Raptors and the way you are free. Only one target and the door mechanism separate you from the goal. In the darkness of the storage space you smash the crates with Tim and then build the ice machine together. Crawl towards the exit and build the brick together. Then beat the Raptor by turning the mechanism and then run to the exit.


While Dr. Sattler and Dr. Grant protect the door, Timmy and Lex have to activate the door lock again. Ruin for the console next to the two adults and build them back together. So you can push the big black block right into the wall and turn on the computer. Now look at the records of the cameras. This will bring up an apparatus at the bottom of which you can achieve with Timmy. Go with him into the dark passage to the right, to find the required backup. With Lex you can now crack the other computer. For this we need only the colors in the order key. Once the phones are working again, you build with Dr. Grant, a director of the dinosaur bones and escape.

Main Corridor (Corridor Chase)

Now you are in the main corridor of the visitor center. Intersect with Dr. Grant the rope to the last platform to go down. Once you attack the Raptor through the bars, you smash the small flower bed next to the passageway for Tim. Watering the seeds then with Ellie and Tim can squeeze through. Then destroy all white LEGO bricks to build a bridge for the others. With Ellie you can then jump to the large skeleton and balance to the left. Already starts the next cutscene.

You find yourself now on the ground floor and have to compete with the Raptor with the T-Rex. Just press the display key. The Raptor then dazed, you go with Dr. Grant to him and cut the rope around him. Already it goes into the second round of the fight. Repeat the game with the onscreen buttons. The second time you have to destroy the target with Lex to harm the dinosaurs. Press again key display and you have already completed the first part of LEGO: Jurassic World successfully.