MGS 5: Phantom Pain - unveiled some key locations

There are only a few weeks away until the release of Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain and more and more information about stealth adventure game find their way to the public. Now a map of northern Kabul has appeared, it is the first indication of the size of the game world. How big the open world really is, you can see here.

It has long been well known that MGS 5: Phantom Pain is more precise play in the Middle East, in Afghanistan. Now a complete map of Northern Kabul has surfaced that shows you some locations of the game closer. The Japanese video game magazine Famitsu has accidentally published an image of the map as part of Collectors Edition. You can see a picture of the whole map below.

MGS 5 - Phantom Pain: The map of North Kabul

When the map is a kind of satellite from above, are illustrated on the additional important places with small pictures. So you can make about the location of a relay station in the eastern mountains. Especially great as the power plant seem to be in the north, where it’s lead in the game sooner or later. Your mission with Big Boss starts this way, in the far south, which can recognize on the basis of the start point mark.

The exact size of the game world can begin to develop on the basis of the scale that you see in the lower right corner. Thus the map of south extends to the north about 6 kilometers. From west to east, there are about 5 kilometers. It should be noted that this area of the game is not the only one you can explore with Big Boss. Finally, there's the opening sequence in the hospital, Africa, the Mother Base or Camp Omega from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero.