New FIFA 16 trailer shows improvements in defense, midfield and attack

FIFA 16 has a new video that has improvements as anticipated by players. Positioning innovations, drive and artificial intelligence of the defense, midfield and attack were disclosed and explained. The game will be released on September 25 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Check the details of the three segments.

Confidence in Defense

One of the most criticized points in FIFA 15 seems to be resolved in version 16. The defensive agility will bring 25 changes to improve the game. There is also freedom to more moves to make to accompany a fast and skillful striker. The emphasis is on the rapid recovery after a stand. In making the move, simply press the button for the player to raise fast and you can mend a counterattack or to recover from a bad thing cart.

The whole defense work more as a team and will be more compressed. In situations of possible kick mistaken ball, his teammates perceive the danger and will be better positioned to prevent the goal. If the defense does not stop the attack, there is still the last hope: goalkeeper. Criticized in FIFA 15, the keeper of the new game appears more speed and an increase in defending kicks from a distance ranging high, near the crossbar.

Control the Midfield

FIFA 16 will focus more on the work of means to an attack. The new system allows players to intercept more balls and position theme better. In FIFA 15 the midfield was virtually nonexistent and the run stood.

Another innovation is the "straight pass". It's possible to give more flexibility to the game without abusing the pass of the players. The effect is similar to the threaded knob, but promises to be more effective and less likely to be intercepted.

Magic Moments

The dynamic cross is the novelty of attack to fight the new defense. Just take two or three on the button for the crossing pass behind the defensive line. The aim of traffickers was also redesigned and will need open spaces for such balls do certain curve.

The kick also undergone changes and promises to make you feel good or bad when catch the ball. Just like the last trailer, it was shown the system dribbling without touching the ball , where producers have captured the movements of Lionel Messi.