Rocket League (PC) tips

Dominate your rocket car

Sounds like a rare silly tip, but do you know that you have a double jump available? Pressing the jump again, the jump button. Thus you can move forward faster than just giving only gas.

In addition, you can press Square or. X on the gamepad keep driving Sliden and tighter turns.

The Turbo

Avoid constantly use the Turbo. First, it will exhaust quickly, secondly if your rocket car under turbocharged its difficult to control.

Use the Turbo, if you want to ram an opponent, the ball just in front of you or you need to quickly get from one place to another.

Spread over the whole field yellow field fresh way, 12% of your turbo back on, sometimes hovering balls 100%.

Destroy Opposing cars

You can destroy opponents annoying for a few seconds:

Meet your opponents with an activated turbo and still have luck (is probably with the speed and the angle of impact together), so explode his car and he will respawn near his door a few seconds later. But you are rid of him for a few seconds.

Unlock the vehicle Sweet Tooth

To unlock the Battle-Car "Sweet Tooth", all other vehicles in your possession must be.

To win by any other car at least one match in any game mode and even the last Battle-Car is yours. In order to see how many victories you have already retracted, you click in the main menu, "Garage", then on the "bodies".