Skyforge: Paladin guide

In Skyforge, the Paladin is a versatile fighter class with obsidian Free2Play MMO makes both as a tank as well as a good figure.

Paladins are actually tanks, but also are good for group support and crowd control. Provided you have mastered the combo gameplay, the paladin and the right skill-rotation at the start.

The Paladin at a glance

Name: Paladin
Role: Tank / Off-tank
Distance fighting: Infighting
Arms: Sword and Shield

Important Attributes
- Perseverance
- A River
- Boldness

Skyforge: Paladin Guide

The Paladin plays differently, say, the Cryomancer. For where the good Mage pervades his skills, which attacks the paladin to attack complex chains, so-called combos build on. For this you need only with standard attacks on the left mouse button to create the conditions and then trigger at the right time with the right button.

In addition to these combos you still have regular skills that you activate on the keyboard. Your combo finisher and the remaining activated features cost you a resource called Holy Wrath, which in turn builds your standard attacks. On the Right of the Paladin has the way a rechargeable sweeping blow of wrath called waves.

All Paladin Combos:

NameExecution Effect
Seal of Light1 x left click, then right-click Strong sweeping blow
Punitive Blitz2 x left click, then right-click Strong final blow, better if more righteous anger is there.
Hostage of the gods3 x left click, then right-click Jump attack, is more active plate and leads to cutting down the enemies.

What skills are needed?

The following skills build you a solid paladin who makes both solo and in a group a good figure. It would be ideal if your equipment is packing which supports this skill.

Name Effect
Righteous judgment Strong ranged attack.
Onslaught Run toward the goal and it comes to skin.
Celestial Shield Force field, which has 12 percent of the life points of the Paladin and explodes after 5 seconds.
Holy Ground Reinforced Buff, the other skills and makes free use.
Aegis of light Including force field that protects against control effects and another teammate next to the Paladin

Furthermore, you should always have equipped the following talents:

- Accusation: Creates more attention to the enemies and improved shields
- Energy boost: Heals you again in 10 minutes when your health falls below 20 percent.
- Brilliance: The cooldown aegis of light is reduced.
- Justice: Through executions you get abruptly 200 units Holy Wrath

Skyforge: Paladin Guide - The optimal rotation

With these skills you are going to as follows: the fight starts with Righteous judgment. Then run to the enemy and enabled Celestial Shield, while the enemy gets up again. Then use the Combo Punitive flash, activate holy ground and then your aegis of light that indeed will cost nothing.

If the enemy then is still alive, do not sit with other combos to and remember to renew your shields on occasion. If you have to deal with groups of enemies, you use instead Punitive flash hostage of the gods or Seal of Light.