Skyforge (PC) beginner's guide

What's Skyforge?

Skyforge is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Unlike most RPGs you will notice quite quickly that here is a lot different than in World of Warcraft.

The most noticeable change is the absence of a level structure. In Skyforge there is no level system!.

Typical of an MMORPG is the class system. However, this is at Skyforge a little different: You play a character who has access to all classes. Of course you can always play only one at the same time - but out of combat can by your will. At the beginning of the game you already have access to three different classes - Paladin, Lightbinder and Cryomancer. Access to ten additional classes (Archer, Berserker, kineticis Necromancer, Shadow Master Gunner, Sorcerer, monk, alchemist and Ritter).

Atlas of progress

The Atlas of progress is the talent tree of Skyforge. Here can buy for your character, develop it and also unlock new classes for your character during the game your new skills.

You can find the "nodes" mentioned skills etc. with the currency "sparks" - this you gain by completing quests, as loot from enemies or exiting adventures. There are three different varieties of sparks:

- Sparks of destruction
- Spark of Creation
- Sparks of balance

Unlocking node here increases your prestige. In addition, the Atlas your indicator to progress in the game.

What classes are there?

There are 13 different classes in Skyforge which occupy 3 Typical roles in MMORPGS: tanks, Supporter and damage dealer.

These classes are:

ClassesRole Description
Cryomancer Damage The Cryomancer is one of the three starter classes, which you can choose. Cryomancer set as the name suggests.
PaladinTank The Paladin is one of the three starter classes, which you can choose. A heavy armor fighter who protects his allies.
LightbinderSupport The Lightbinder is one of the three starter classes, which you can choose. He focuses on buffs for his allies and can fight enemies. A kind of priest.
ArcherDamage Archer is a fast sniper for long-range combat. He also uses traps.
BerserkerDamage Berserker is wild melee that can also strengthen the combat power of your allies.
Kinetic Damage Kinetic is a magicians who again name suggests use kinetic energy magic.
NecromancerDamage Necromancers is a necromancers. His spells focus on Raise Dead and Siphon Life of opponents.
SlayerDamage Slayers are rogues, thieves, assassins. Scrappers who work out of the secret.
GunnerDamage Gunner is experts in dealing with any kind of heavy weapons.
Witch/Warlock Damage Witch /Warlock is a magicians who use curse, potions and demons against his enemies.
MonkDamage Monk is a member of a combat order and use a stick as a devastating weapon.
AlchemistSupport Alchemist always carries his mobile laboratory around with him. He can strengthen allies and heal and enemies with his inventions.
KnightTank Knight is like Paladins armor bearing melee, who is mostly armed with spears and shields.

The Divine Observatory

In Skyforge there is no open world. As a world, the developers have opted for Instanced areas. The starting point for your journey is therefore always the Divine Observatory.

The Divine Observatory is your hub and the base for each of your actions. Here you receive emergency calls of residents of Aelion. Here you can start and PvP both PvE adventures.

The Pantheon

The correspondence of the guilds, the Pantheon in Skyforge.

In order to establish a pantheon you just have to use a little ingame currency and recruit a few members in the next few days. Otherwise, the Pantheon is dissolved.

A Pantheon has some interesting advantages for you:

- Special Adept Quests
- Fortress of the Pantheon
- Territorial wars, a sort of guild PvP
- Guild PvE bosses
- Academy to enhance attributes