The 10 best Easter Eggs in World of Warcraft (WoW)

World of Warcraft is a popular Blizzard’s MMORPG which won millions of players in over ten years down the road. With characters, missions, items, and unparalleled charisma, the game also promotes several honors and plays in its vast universe in the form of fun easter eggs.

Sarah Kerrigan StarCraft

A more cautious study Goblin Shredder Character panel will reveal the image of Sarah Kerrigan, StarCraft, in the small vehicle screen. This is a clear homage to the series itself Blizzard and the Queen of Blades.

Mickey Mouse drawn on the map

Near Valley of Honor is possible to find a reference to the popular Disney character. Just away from the camera zoom to a drawing in Mickey head shape on the map.

Lost Island

The acclaimed TV series was also the subject of one of the games of the developers of World of Warcraft. In the game you can find a small island, which contains a board with the sequence "5 9 16 17 24 43", trademark of Lost.

Statue of Liberty

In addition to pop culture icons, the Statue of Liberty also gained ground in the game with an easter egg. In an area of the map you can find the famous monument of New York buried in the ground.

Interaction with characters

Another possibility is fun to interact with NPC, through a series of commands, such as waving, dancing, and other options. In addition to the most basic reactions, some characters have funny attitudes, like chasing you, speak some meme or reference.

Tribute to the late illustrator

Blizzard also showed his softer side to honor Michel Koiter, who died in 2004. In the game map you can find a memorial dedicated to the illustrator, complete with a spirit by the name of Koiter.

Pac-Man Stone

Located in the region of Eastern Earthshrine, the classic character of video games can be found on a stone part of the picture that needs to be viewed from above. Ideally, use a flying mount to check the easter egg.


The phrase often used in online games had a popularity boom with World of Warcraft, and it could not win a special easter egg. Next to one of Hammerfall Mountains, it is easy to find the famous disguised abbreviation in local curves.

Bambi and his family

Bambi is another Disney character to be honored at the Blizzard game. It also makes a special appearance in WOW, walking through the woods with her mother and friends. Seeing his mother hit by an NPC, the character turns, and seeks revenge on the hunter.

Robin Williams and genius

Actor Robin Williams died in 2014 and was promptly honored the game by creating a character named Robin. In the form of a blue genius, the NPC refers to the role played by the actor in Alladin animation.